6 Best AI Tools for Social Media

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What are AI Tools for Social Media, and What Do They Do?

AI tools for social media are AI-powered software that assists you in all processes related to your social media. They are potent AI tools that help streamline processes and improve general effectiveness. Social media AI tools increase your productivity and might assist you in improving your social media strategy. 

AI tools for social media can be effective in generating a profit. The services supported by social media AI tools involve post-scheduling, content creation, data analysis, audience discovery, dialogue monitoring, and many more. These AI tools can help social media marketers manage their accounts and ultimately increase exposure and revenue. 


The Major Benefits of Using AI Tools for Social Media

These AI tools can be super beneficial in elevating your social media strategy and planning. AI tools for social media have changed how companies handle their online identities on various social media sites. Let us embrace some notable benefits of using AI tools for social media

Varies the Types of Content You Post on Social Media

AI tools for social media enable the organising, scheduling, and posting content. They also provide features which help in the creation of social media posts. As a result, creating content is made less complicated and more straightforward. This allows us to distribute our time more effectively and focus on other equally important duties. 

Managing your content approach can increase conversion rates and provide you with the edge over your competitors you require to thrive on your preferred social media platforms. 

Cut Backs on Resources and Time

AI tools for social media provide excellent suggestions for fresh material. They also save you time by offering creative ways to run and expand your business and work on social media projects.

These tools use artificial intelligence to provide innovative capabilities that work for your social media strategies and do not cost a fortune. So, AI tools for social media allow us to achieve much with less time and effort. 

Raises Your Content Appropriately

AI tools for social media can generate a variety of material tailored to the audience you want and for different social media platforms. Subtitles, news stories, or descriptions can be created with a unique idea every time. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms can produce content using established social media models, phrases, or customer tastes. Because of this, marketers can easily publish content on social media. You may expand your social media visibility thanks to this flexibility. The scalability also keeps a sense of coherence across various social media platforms.  


Qualities That Define the Best AI Tools for Social Media

In the market of tons of AI tools for social media, you must know which AI tool would be the perfect pick for evolving your social media profile. For this, you must consider a set of factors before choosing one. We have mentioned some qualities that characterise the top AI tools for social media to leverage your presence online.

A Simple Interface

It is critical to gain access to settings, carry out operations, and effectively use the menus without trouble. A user-friendly interface allows users to access everything they desire from social media AI tools swiftly. This optimised experience increases work efficiency as people can finish their duties and social media endeavours more quickly. 

These AI tools for social media provide a combination of material and instructions to help you make the most of every attribute. This makes them simple to learn and swift to become proficient with. 

High-calibre Results

Social media platforms are places where numerous brands are vying for exposure. The importance of quality content must be recognised in the middle of a competitive social media environment. Social media articles and posts that are expertly written and appealing allow brands and individuals to stand out from their competitors and gain an edge over them. 

The probability of grabbing a social media audience's interest considerably rises when AI tools for social media produce carefully designed, pertinent, and aesthetically pleasing content. Users are then encouraged to take an active role in the social posts, which raises engagement rates. 

Decent Pricing Range

AI tools for social media should ensure organisations get good returns on their investments. Businesses can increase their ROI by providing a cost-effective AI tool for social media. Users can efficiently use the capabilities of AI tools to improve their social media operations when the cost and value are in line. 


6 Best AI Tools for Social Media in 2023

Time to reveal the top social media AI tools of 2023, which will take your online presence to the next level. 


1. Audiense

Audiense is among the most revolutionary audience intelligence AI tools for social media. It enables advertisers and consumer researchers to generate creative, customer-focused plans. This social media AI tool helps you create creative campaigns and stand apart from the crowd. 


  • Helps advertisers identify and connect with their intended demographic by utilising patented social segmentation techniques.
  • Offers comprehensive insights into consumer behaviour.
  • Allows you to segment your target market based on social behaviour, hobbies, statistics, and other variables using social consumer segmentation.
  • Enables you to obtain immediate insight into discussions taking place on Twitter through social media surveillance.
  • Lets you keep track of brand mentions and consumer mood to guide your marketing initiatives.


Tool Website: https://www.audiense.com/ 

Costing: A free plan is available, Premium starts from $1499 per month for Audience Intelligence and for Twitter Marketing it begins from $49 per month.


2. Pepper Content

Pepper Content is a fabulous social media AI tool that helps you with thoughts, investigation, creation, statistics, and publication. All this is made possible because of its potent AI marketplace. 


  • Enables you to demonstrate and enhance your content marketing return on investment (ROI) by combining all your content, groups, and analytics.
  • With its project-specific chat area and tagging capabilities, teams working on content may improve oversight, speed up processes, and quickly address demands and feedback.
  • Allows you to track keyword achievement, evaluate SEO's effect, and easily dominate SERPs.
  • Provides data-driven, contextually rich results and.
  • The content briefs guarantee high-quality, consistent content in a few days.


Tool Website: https://www.peppercontent.io/ 

Costing: Free trial and Premium starts from $399 per month. 


3. Sprout Social

One of the best AI tools for social media that are ideal for handling client messages. Sprout Social's automatic technology assists you in responding to supporters, followers, or clients if you mainly use your social media platforms for managing a community.


  • Ability to evaluate the content and emotion of the communication in the direct message view and even the dashboard.
  • Offers a suggested auto-response, which you may implement or modify.
  • Using the Sprout Social dashboard, you can view and reply to posts that are addressed to your business.
  • Automation helps in speeding up the process.
  • The Social Listening Service uses the influence of international conversations through automated technology and is amongst its most fabulous features.
  • Social Sprout administrators can control interactions directly on the platform as well.


Tool Website: https://sproutsocial.com/ 

Costing: Starts from $249 per month.

4. Midjourney

A cutting-edge creative AI tool on Discord that enables users to produce beautiful visuals in response to text cues. Midjourney is one of the most popular social media tools, providing outstanding outcomes and lifelike features.


  • Uses generative AI to produce amazing and aesthetically intriguing visuals.
  • To fuel its picture-generating process, this AI tool uses innovative methods for machine learning, such as big language and diffusion models.
  • Creates unrealistic photographs by capturing minute details and exuding an air of authenticity.


Tool Website: https://www.midjourney.com/home/?callbackUrl=%2Fapp%2F 

Costing: Starts from $10 per month.


5. Zendesk

Zendesk bots provide organisations with an innovative method to use AI technology to improve customer interactions. They can automate customer assistance by harvesting pertinent data for precise responses.


  • Helps in integrating with the current information repository smoothly.
  • Ability to tackle client issues particular to the business, assuring accuracy and smooth interaction with support staff.
  • The exceptionally intelligent bots can recognise and respond to consumer wants with ease.
  • You can easily create your bot using Zendesk from scratch.
  • Enables you to provide context-specific responses.
  • You can help your consumers around the clock, no matter what time of day.


Tool Website: https://www.zendesk.com/ 

Costing: A 30-day free trial, Zendesk Suit Plans and Zendesk Sell Plans are available.


6. LocaliQ

LocaliQ, formerly known as Wordstream, is a leading-edge social media AI tool. It is made to make it easier for you to connect with prospective customers through social adverts. 


  • Allows you to work with their experts to develop a customised social media advertising campaign that fits your goals.
  • Offers an integrated lead dashboard that lets you track and evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign.
  • Helps in optimising social media marketing.
  • Using the XMO technology provided by LocaliQ, you can set aside a single budget for your company's goals.


Tool Website: https://localiq.com/ 

Costing: Prices can be obtained upon request.


In conclusion, everyone wants to showcase an engaging appearance on social media platforms in the competitive market of today's time. AI tools for social media are a cure for many online problems. They help in boosting our productivity while saving time. These social media AI tools offer many outstanding features for social media strategies and excellent planning. They guide us completely and assist support in handling our social media platforms. 

The 7 best AI tools for social media explored in this article will help you fulfil all your needs and enhance your presence online. These AI tools carry out surplus tasks like generating responses, creating posts, enabling data analysis, and much more. They can elevate how you interact with customers and people. Considering the qualities needed to choose the perfect AI tool for social media, you can benefit from it and prosper across many social media platforms.

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