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What Is an AI Code Generator?

A software called AI code generator employs artificial intelligence (AI) to help programmers in writing code more quickly and precisely. It is an astonishing innovation that has changed the way coders code. These potent AI tools revolutionise production and performance. When you type code in actual time, it either generates code depending on prompts or suggests code for automatic completion. 

An AI code generator can translate between several programming languages and build AI code. It aids in quick code sample searches and lessens the burden on programmers. It can integrate with famous code editors making coding easy for you. With AI code generators, code can be made easier to understand by adding comments. Large language models may generate text, answer questions, analyse and comprehend language, and acquire linguistic linkages that aid in text prediction. 


Benefits of Using an AI Code Generator

An AI Code Generator can aid surplus tasks. It offers various benefits that are staggering to be taken advantage of. Listed below are some major benefits of using an AI Code Generator. Let us have a look at them. 

Auto-completion of Code

An AI Code Generator provides real-time auto-completion of code. Artificial intelligence (AI) will try to auto-complete the phrase whenever a programmer begins to write in code. 

Bugs and Flaws Detection

The AI code generator can serve as a watchful defender, spotting flaws early and sparring you the hassle of debugging. By using an AI code generator, you can easily detect errors and bugs in your code. This eliminates the chances of running codes with bugs involved. 

Optimal Code Choice

An AI code generator uses AI algorithms to choose the most suitable code for a certain program. This allows developers to do their work more quickly. 

Code Snippet Generation

Many AI code generators work magically. All they ask you is to simply describe the code you wish to generate. The generator will then provide the whole code snippet, which you can use and modify as necessary. 

Integration and Language Support

AI code generator supports multiple programming languages and translates between many languages. Integration with other editors is made easy with an AI code generator. 

Intelligent Suggestions

AI code generator helps to improve the quality of the code by providing knowledgeable advice on how to create effective and secure code. Intelligent suggestions can provide amazing results. 

Time and Effort Saving

AI code generator minimises time spent on difficult tasks increasing overall output. The AI algorithms used enable coders to produce lengthy codes in a matter of minutes. 

Improved Performance

The AI code generator is an amazing source to learn new languages. Using it increases efficiency and performance throughout the development process.  


Best AI Code Generator List

AI code generators have simplified the coding procedures by automating the code generation process and solving problems. There are various AI code generators in the market out of which we have jotted down the best 5 for you. This AI code generator list can help you become a more polished and versatile coder. 


1. Tabnine


Tabnine is an excellent AI code generator for developers aiming to cut costs, conserve time, and improve the performance of their code. By providing sophisticated completion suggestions and flagging possible issues, this AI code generator increases efficiency and enhances the accuracy of code. 

Best Features of Tabnine:

  • The AI code generator is compatible with an array of programming languages that include, Java, Python, JavaScript, C, C++, Go, C# PHP, and Rust.
  • Utilises a neural network to acquire knowledge from an extensive set of open-source code.
  • Enables autonomous code documentation creation for better comprehension and cooperation.
  • To find probable mistakes and propose remedies, users can use the code linting functionality.
  • Tabnine generates adaptive code accomplishments.
  • Provides expertise with code reconstruction to improve effectiveness, readability, and ease of maintenance.
  • Tabnine uses machine learning techniques to forecast and encourage completion.
  • Integrates with essential code editors like VS Code and Sublime Text.
  • With the help of its strong AI skills, users may access functions like auto-generated assessments and syntax emphasising.
  • Over twenty programming languages are supported by this AI code generator.
  • Tabnine aids in documenting test cases and bugs.
  • Provides app development.


Tool Website: 


Tabnine offers three plans for its users. 

Starter: This plan is provided for free by Tabnine for one user. It offers basic code completion and community support. 

Pro: Priced at $12 per month. This plan offers advanced code completion for a maximum of 100 users. It uses natural language to complete codes. The Pro plan is based solely on code with a liberal open-source licence. It discovers your coding habits and provides standard assistance along with whole-line code completions. 

Enterprise: Users may contact for pricing. Offers complete security and privacy controls so that businesses remain secure. You can leverage the expertise within your company with the Enterprise plan offered by Tabnine. Without disclosing your code, context-aware completions showcase the expertise of your organisation. This plan offers premium assistance and does not train on your code until your codebase is connected.  


2. GitHub Copilot


GitHub Copilot is undoubtedly an astounding AI code generator. This application functions as a virtual pair programmer to quickly assist developers with writing more effective code. 

Best Features of GitHub Copilot:

  • The AI code generator can be used to assist with code completion, code explanation, troubleshooting and various other tasks.
  • A clever AI tool that can finish functions, identify possible security flaws, add comments, and make recommendations.
  • Writes high-quality code with greater speed.
  • GitHub Copilot generates more thorough code that incorporates many programming language models.
  • The AI code generator is compatible with well-known integrated development environments (IDEs).
  • Offers partial or whole functions as code ideas.
  • Aids in finding code mistakes and fixing them accordingly.
  • Writes enlightening comments to improve code comprehension.
  • Poised to revolutionise coding practices by providing numerous autonomous completion suggestions that are accurate.
  • GitHub Copilot offers extensions for Neovim, JetBrains, Visual Studio, and Visual Studio Code.
  • Responds to queries in different programming languages using natural language cues.


Tool Website:


GitHub Copilot has three plans to offer, which include the following:

Free: GitHub Copilot offers a free plan for its users. Best suited for individuals and organisations. Provides limitless public and private repositories, 500 MB of package storage, community support, automated security and version updates, and new projects. The additional features include access to GitHub Copilot and GitHub Codespaces.

Team: Priced at $4 per month only. This plan is cheap and the most popular one. It has much to offer that includes draft pull requests, protected branches, 2 GB of package storage that is free for public repositories, complete web-based support, and much more.

Enterprise: Priced at $21 per month. This plan offers everything included in the Team plan along with a lot more. Other benefits include, user provisioning through SCIM, environment protection rules, advanced auditing, premium support, GitHub advanced security, 50 GB of packaged storage, FedRAMP Tailored Authority to Operate (ATO), and more. 


3. WPCode


This AI code generator is frequently used by WordPress websites. Developments are streamlined by providing code snippets and advice for creating WordPress themes, templates, and plugins.

Best Feature of WPCode:

  • An amazing AI code generator that supports the implementation of the header and footer codes.
  • Consists of a huge variety of readymade snippets.
  • Offers conditional logic with intelligence.
  • Provides intelligent code generation aided by artificial intelligence (AI).
  • Offers code examples that are specially curated and designed for WordPress-based applications.
  • WPCode is an outstanding AI tool that provides error prevention and handling.
  • Provides locations for Advanced Automated Insertion.


Tool Website: 


WPCode offers four plans for its users that include the following:

Basic: Priced at $49 per year with 50% off (normally at $99 per year). Provides necessary tools for Code Snippets Management. Offer various benefits that include, a private cloud snippet library, smart conditional logic, WordPress snippet generator, safe error handling, dynamic content elements, advanced revisions, custom block snippets, and much more. 

Plus: Priced at $99 per year with 50% off (normally at $149 per year). Best suited for those who manage multiple sites. Provides all benefits of the Basic plan including a few more such as 5 supported sites and conversion pixels addons.                                                                                    

Pro: Priced at $199 per year with 50% off (normally at $199 per year). Best suited for freelancers and small site networks. Additional benefits of this plan include 25 supported sites, a pro library profile, and priority support. 

Elite: Priced at $399 per year with 50% off (normally at $399 per year). Best suited for agencies and smart business owners. Additional benefits of this plan include 1000 supported sites and more. 


4. Cody by Sourcegraph


Cody by Sourcegraph is a code base assistant that enables you to perform a comprehensive search across entire repositories, code hosts, and branches. It allows you to see the location of the code and check who has edited it.

Best Features of Cody by Sourcegraph:

  • Speeds up your development process and improves your comprehension of entire code bases.
  • Ability to translate your verbal commands into accurate code.
  • Cody by Sourcegraph can add a helpful tool to your toolbox making code more effective and approachable.
  • To safeguard your data, Cody offers SOC II vector database privacy standards and powerful AWS encryption.
  • The AI code generator can decipher the nuances of your current code using natural language interpretation.
  • Helps in locating issues in your code base and assisting in their correction.
  • Cody by Sourcegraph uses AI to anticipate your input and give code snippets as you type, simplifying the coding process.
  • Offers context-aware solutions such as writing new functions or troubleshooting by utilising graph and LLM of Cody by Sourcegraph.
  • Ability to swiftly locate code by utilising a file name, function name, or an ordinary English statement.
  • Offers concise explanations of intricate code structures.
  • Cody by Sourcegraph is designed to work in all languages, making it a viable alternative for international business.


Tool Website: 


Free Tier: Cody by Sourcegraph offers a free forever plan for its users. This plan is best suited for individual developers on public/private code. It offers various benefits that include, context-awareness, auto-completion of code, recipes, various editor extensions, community support, and chat.

Enterprise: Users may contact for pricing. This plan provided by Cody by Sourcegraph offers everything in the free plan along with other benefits. User management, improved context, pooled organisation usage, daily rate limits while in beta, access to web and API, single-tenant deployment, configurable LLMs, audit logging, bring-your-own Key for Anthropic and OpenAI, and 24/5 support.


5. GhostWriter Replit


Replit’s GhostWriter is a potent AI code generator that assists developers in producing efficient, excellent-quality code. It is been taught on millions of lines of code. Any level of coder can benefit from Replit’s GhostWriter as it revolutionises your coding experience. 

Best Features of Replit’s GhostWriter:

  • Stands out for its capacity to autonomously complete generic code as the programmer types.
  • Offers sophisticated in-line recommendations that accelerate coding.
  • Renowned for its Integrated Development Environment (IDE) that runs in the browser and offers co-coding and native hosting inside of documents.
  • Helps us to avoid wasting time creating boilerplate code and searching for syntax errors.
  • GhostWriter Replit provides code explanations and comments.
  • Users can practise coding on a real page.
  • Provides more than 16 programming languages including, Java, Python, JavaScript, C, C++, Go, C# PHP, Ruby, Bash, Perl, and more.


Tool Website: 


Replit offers three development plans that include the following:

Free: This plan is provided for free. It includes various benefits, such as 10 GiB account storage, unlimited public repls, and more.

Hacker: Priced at $7 per month. Offers several benefits including, 20 GiB account storage, one boosted repl, SSH into your repl, fast workspace, 50 GiB outbound data transfer, and more. 

Pro: Priced at $7 per month. Provide benefits that include, limitless private repls, 100 GiB outbound data transfer, 50 GiB account storage, very fast workspace, AI assistance with Ghostwriter, and more. 



The AI code generator is a useful AI tool that developers can take advantage of. The top 5 AI code generators mentioned in this article along with their benefits are amazing and provide outstanding results. They enhance your coding capabilities and help you from doing repetitive tasks. Make use of these AI code generators to become a pro without doing much. 


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