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What is an AI Image Upscaler?

What if you love any of your images but want to do something in it to make it look better than before? Here is where the AI image upscaler comes into action! The magnificent tool quickly adds a pinch of spark to your images and upscales them so that you can use it for both personal and business use. An AI image upscaler implements artificial intelligence to securely enlarge an image without degrading its level of quality. It ensures that your image is amplified without looking unduly manipulated or compromising its natural beauty.

AI image upscaler follows the process called super-resolution image reconstruction. In this process, the images of low quality are converted to superior quality. This enhances the visual appearance of images. It uses a combination of techniques, including diffusion and cutting-edge neural network models to improve photos while preserving their personality. It may be best for those who regularly edit images and do a lot of alteration in them. Artificial intelligence has made significant advancements in AI image upscaling technology, enabling it to be simpler to transform pictures with low-resolutions into professional-quality images.    


Benefits of Using an AI Image Upscaler

We will now discuss the various benefits that these AI tools offer.

  • Utilises automated technology to improve image quality.
  • Conventional tools demand skilled labour, whereas AI image upscalers are entirely computerised.
  • These AI tools quicken the image editing process.
  • Using an AI image upscaler can be less expensive than hiring experts.
  • Offers accurate results that are eye-catching.
  • Maintains the natural look of the images.
  • Uses complex algorithms to predict missing information.
  • The tools can handle numerous images at once.
  • Many are often free to use.
  • Reliable and easy to use software.
  • Saves time by instantly improving the image resolution.
  • Automates various aspects like sharpness, brightness, clarity, exposure, hue, and more.

Best AI Image Upscaler List

Digital images play a significant role in everyone’s lives. Whether you are a professional photographer or a social media enthusiast, an AI image upscaler is crucial for you. If you want to grab people’s attention with top-notch photographs, the following AI image upscaler list is for you! Let us know more about the magical tools and the features offered by them.


1. Icons8 Smart Upscaler

AI Image Upscaler Icons8 Smart Upscaler


This AI image upscaler has impressed us the most with its quality features and has topped our list. It is a fantastic tool that offers stunning results. A versatile image upscaler that supports plenty of file types. Icons8 Smart Upscaler is a compact and effective AI image upscaler. It is accessible as an internet tool and as a Mac software. A tool with machine learning capabilities that upscales images without sacrificing the quality.

Best Features of Icons8 Smart Upscaler:

  • Allows you to submit one picture at a time to be enlarged.
  • The website offers a user-friendly interface that is simple to navigate.
  • Allows users to examine a comparison of both sides after submitting the image.
  • Enables you to get a preview of the AI’s improvements to your pictures.
  • You can buy credits or use their API to process large amounts of images.
  • Icons8 Smart Upscaler offers a desktop version named GoProd Mac App that involves a background elimination feature.
  • It is compatible with files in the JPG, WEBP, and PNG formats.
  • The maximum image upscale size is 7680 x 7680px.
  • Offers image enlargement up to 4x.
  • Icons8 Smart Upscaler does not save your images and maintains privacy.
  • Allows you to upscale images for free online.
  • An excellent tool for autonomously repairing image flaws when increasing image resolution.
  • Offers a drag-and-drop feature and provides results within a few seconds.
  • You can download the resulting image.
  • Offers an entirely automated procedure for integrating noise reduction, sharpening, and upscaling.
  • There are 5 million photographs in the platform’s original dataset.
  • Allows you to check your history and redownload the larger photos without consuming a lot of GPU processing power.


Try Icons8 Smart Upscaler


AI Image Upscaler Icons8 Smart Upscaler Costing

Apart from the free trial that includes the watermark, Icons8 Smart Upscaler offers 2 other plans that include the following:

Limited Subscription: Priced at $10 per month when paid monthly. Allows you to upscale 100 images per month.

Unlimited Subscription: Priced at $99 per month when paid monthly. Allows you to upscale unlimited images per month.



AI Image Upscaler Upscale media


A straightforward AI image upscaler that users may utilise to get great results. It is one of the many potent AI tools developed by You do not have to register to utilise the fantastic online AI image upscaler and its features.

Best Features of

  • Offers an online application as well as a mobile app for Android and Apple smartphones.
  • Ability to enlarge and improve photographs in several file types.
  • Offers a free that allows AI image enhancing of one image at a time.
  • Users of the premium plan have the choice to simultaneously magnify several images.
  • Offers an instantaneous automated upscaling method.
  • Supports file types that include WEBP, PNG, JPED, and JPG.
  • Improves image quality by eliminating JPEG artefacts, such as pixelation.
  • Users can acquire pictures with excellent resolution using completely automated editing up to 4x.
  • Helps to make images look professional in less time.
  • This AI tool preserves realistic visual details.
  • Allows you to upscale and improve photographs using a free web application.
  • The largest image size that can be increased is 1500 x 1500.
  • The final image seems to include greater clarity and is cleaner.
  • The platform offers image enlargement up to four times the original size.
  • Provides a simple-to-use interface and easy process.
  • Users may contact for support. They can even email them.
  • Allows webhooks, SDKs, and external integrations for several programming dialects.
  • Provides bulk scaling to reduce manual labour.
  • Up to 50 of your photos can be upscaled for free.
  • Offers magnificent results without affecting the picture quality.




AI Image Upscaler Upscale media costing offers four plans that include one free plan.

Free: This plan is offered for free by It offers various benefits that include, 1 GB storage, 45 credits, 15 GB Bandwidth or 45 transformations, 13.5k basic transformations, and more.

Starter: Priced at $29 per month when paid monthly and $25 per month when paid yearly. It offers various benefits that include, 100 GB storage, 300 credits, 100 GB Bandwidth or 300 transformations, 90k basic transformations, and more.

Basic: Priced at $89 per month when paid monthly and $79 per month when paid yearly. It offers various benefits that include, 400 GB storage, 1200 credits, 400 GB Bandwidth or 1200 transformations, 360k basic transformations, and more.

Premium: Priced at $299 per month when paid monthly and $269 per month when paid yearly. It offers various benefits that include, 1.5 TB storage, 5000 credits, 1.6 TB Bandwidth or 5000 transformations, 1.5M basic transformations, and more.


3. Gigapixel AI

AI Image Upscaler Gigapixel AI


Gigapixel AI by Topaz Labs is a splendid AI image upscaler. This tool makes use of its well-trained neural networks along with deep learning to apply lifelike details to the photographs it processes. A wonderful tool for those who require a professional AI image upscaler, which can do more than just retouching. Gigapixel AI also functions as a stand-alone item. The versatility and tools offered by Gigapixel AI are adored by photographers and designers. Millions of photos were used to train Gigapixel’s AI for image processing. It has acquired knowledge of notions like noise and blur.

Best Features of Gigapixel AI:

  • Users may upscale many kinds of photographs by up to 600% without sacrificing quality.
  • Ability to transform web visuals into usable materials that can be utilised in higher-resolution applications like print and film.
  • The software can enhance the aspect ratio of your photos.
  • Users can enjoy every advantage of this computer software irrespective of the operating system they use.
  • Ability to precisely enhance and upscale your outdated, poor-quality photos.
  • Gigapixel AI is accessible on both Mac and PC.
  • The AI image upscaler can elevate a wide range of topics, including portraiture, architecture, and more.
  • Shaky photographs appear more stable due to the shake reduction techniques offered by Gigapixel AI.
  • With Gigapixel AI, users can easily integrate AI-powered upscaling into their current photo editing workflow as it integrates with Adobe Photoshop.
  • Ability to work with various picture formats.
  • Utilises Face Recovery AI to improve low-resolution faces.
  • Improves the sharpness and texture of feathers, hair, and fur.
  • Enables the fixation of excessive pixelation in low-resolution photos upon upscaling.
  • Gigapixel AI can be incorporated into the Adobe Creative Suite.
  • Photos can be upscaled in bulk mode using Gigapixel AI.
  • Users can essentially make hand-held shots appear to have been taken on a tripod.
  • You can smartly put back the level of detail you lost during the image-capturing procedure.

Try Gigapixel AI

Costing: Gigapixel AI offers a free trial. The one-time fee costs $99.99.


4. HitPaw Photo Enhancer

AI Image Upscaler HitPaw Photo Enhancer


This AI image upscaler is great for reducing blur and enlarge photographs without sacrificing quality. The simplest method is to apply the generic model to improve pictures of actual scenes. If you are looking for a desktop tool that can do a little more than your typical upscaler, HitPaw Photo Enhancer is a great choice.

Best Features of HitPaw Photo Enhancer:

  • This professional-grade photo editing platform restores blurry pictures flawlessly.
  • Its AI models may be used to improve picture quality in any situation.
  • HitPaw Photo Enhancer automatically improves image quality and resolution.
  • Images can be upscaled and magnified with any visual loss.
  • The AI face enhancer offers a face enhancer that can render faultless.
  • Ability to colourise black and white images to bring back life to ancient photos with just a mouse click.
  • With the use of sophisticated AI noise reduction technology, the denoise model may autonomously eliminate noise from high-ISO and dim lighting photos.
  • Ability to improve the clarity of cartoon images.
  • To make animals or flowers more distinct, the AI sharpener enhances the image quality.
  • An awesome AI image enhancer for both Windows and Mac that can operate with various photographs, including natural scenes, animation, and much more.
  • The platform offers upscaling to HD, 4K, and 8K.
  • HitPaw Photo Enhancer allows processing in bulk for a lot of photos.


Try HitPaw Photo Enhancer


HitPaw Photo Enhancer costing

HitPaw Photo Enhancer offers a free trial along with three other plans that include the following:

1 Month: Priced at $17.99 for one month. Offers benefits that include, one month full-featured licence, cancel subscription anytime, use for 1 PC, free upgrades for all big versions during subscription, 24/7 tech support, and more.

1 Year: Priced at $79.99 for one year. Offers benefits that include, one year full-featured licence, cancel subscription anytime, use for 1 PC, free upgrades for all big versions during subscription, 24/7 tech support, and more.

Perpetual: Priced at $99.99 one-time fee. Offers benefits that include, perpetual full-featured licence, use for 1 PC, perpetual free upgrades for all big version updates, 24/7 tech support, and more.


5. VanceAI Image Upscaler

AI Image Upscaler VanceAI Image Upscaler


The full-featured VanceAI toolkit for picture improvement is accessible online and on desktop computers. It excels in effectively increasing the size of photos while maintaining their quality at different magnifications. 

Best Features of VanceAI:

  • VanceAI provides a dependable upscaling solution whether you need high-resolution photographs for your e-commerce business, presentations, or prints.
  • Sharpening, retouching, boosting, and dehazing skills are all part of VanceAI's extensive toolbox and may all be easily combined with its image upscaling powers.
  • VanceAI intelligently analyses and enlarges images using cutting-edge AI upscaling technology.
  • It uses generative adversarial networks to add surprisingly realistic details to your photos. Bright colours and precise results are the outcome.
  • VanceAI can scale images up to 800% in size without sacrificing their quality.
  • Variable Magnification Options: It gives you versatility in how you enhance your photographs with scaling options ranging from 2x, 4x, 6x, and 8x.
  • Effective Batch Processing: VanceAI enables batch processing using the desktop programme, allowing you to improve several photos at once.
  • Diverse AI Models: VanceAI offers a selection of AI upscaling models made for various applications, including anime, digital art, text, and compressed or low-resolution photos.
  • Data Protection: For your comfort, processed photographs are immediately destroyed after 24 hours, protecting your data.
  • Specialised Anime Upscaling: VanceAI provides specialised algorithms for enlarging anime images by up to 16 times.
  • With VanceAI, upscale photographs are a simple procedure. Upload your image, choose your preferred AI model, and then start the upscaling process using either a 2x, 4x, or 8x magnification ratio. Once finished, you can quickly download the upscaled high-resolution image.


Try VanceAI Image Upscaler 


VanceAI Image Upscaler costing

Paid plans begin from $4.95 per 100 credits. 



Finally, AI picture upscalers have completely changed how we edit and enlarge our photos. For photographers, designers, and anybody else looking to improve their images, these potent tools use artificial intelligence to easily increase image quality. Icons8 Smart Upscaler stands out among the best options for its adaptability and user-friendly interface, and provides both online and mobile solutions. With its deep learning capabilities, Gigapixel AI from Topaz Labs is impressive, while HitPaw Photo Enhancer excels at blur reduction and image enhancement. Another fantastic option is VanceAI Image Upscaler, which has a large toolbox and a variety of AI models. A click away from producing results of a professional calibre are these AI picture upscalers. To find out more about AI tools, visit You may also check out the best AI avatar generator list on our blog.


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