Best AI Lead Generation Tools

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Best 5 AI Lead Generation Tools

Let us find out who we have on our list!

1. LeadIQ

AI lead generation tool LeadIQ


Designed with SaaS companies in mind, the LeadIQ platform is a B2B AI lead generation tool that provides an extensive feature set to improve and expedite the sales prospecting process. The CRM apps can be customised using the sales operations function, making the data entry procedure easier for sales representatives. Its main goal is to assist sales teams in reaching the appropriate prospects at scale with tailored messaging, which will eventually result in a higher number of meetings, responses, and pipeline expansion.

Best Features of LeadIQ:

  • By tracking intent signals and giving users access to a specialised prospect database, LeadIQ helps users determine when it's best to approach possible leads.

  • LeadIQ easily integrates with Salesforce and other CRM programmes, guaranteeing that sales teams have access to the most recent prospect data.

  • Provides AI-powered email writing. By creating original and customised emails, Scribe, an AI writer, eliminates the need for generic, fill-in-the-blank correspondence.

  • By keeping users updated on job changes and promotions inside their target accounts, users may do pertinent outreach in a timely manner.

  • Offers data validation and enrichment. LeadIQ has the ability to automatically clean and validate data, guaranteeing that the information used to make marketing decisions is accurate.

  • LeadIQ's AI technology analyses consumer behaviour and preferences to generate insightful reports that improve lead identification and engagement. This is known as AI-Driven Personalization.

  • It increases sales opportunities and makes sure that no leads escape the CRM or engagement tools because of erroneous or incomplete data by streamlining data enrichment and verification.

  • LeadIQ makes it easy for sales teams to locate, collect, and sync contact information, which helps them optimise their prospecting and qualification processes.

  • A more effective sales workflow is facilitated by the platform's primary features, which include prospect discovery, account-based prospecting, and campaign building. 

  • LeadIQ is useful to account executives for finding the correct contacts, swiftly creating prospect lists, and strengthening their social selling strategies with calls and emails.

  • LeadIQ's automation helps sales development representatives by saving time on manual chores including guessing contact information, adding prospects to other platforms, and integrating new prospects into Salesforce. 

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LeadIQ pricing

LeadIQ provides a range of pricing plans, with the first one costing $75 per month for 250 email lookups and 100 emails. Additionally, they provide multiple price points to meet the demands of diverse companies.

Freemium: Free for all users

Essential: Priced at $39 per month per user.

Pro: Priced at $79 per month per user.

Enterprise: Interested users may contact LeadIQ for pricing.

2. Growbots

AI lead generation tool Growbots


Growbots is a potent AI lead generation tool made to make it easier to find the right kind of customers in your target market. Because Growbots is a cloud-based technology, companies of all sizes can use it. Growbots quickly generates a list of prospective leads with a high chance of becoming your clients by entering your precise specifications. It's a time-saving option that makes it easier for you to interact with potential clients and expand your business.

Best Features of Growbots:

  • Users of the outbound sales automation tool get access to more than 180 million quality contacts in a large database. 

  • Because of its smooth interface with CRM systems, you can also send customised email drip campaigns.

  • You can easily target decision-makers and businesses that fit your criteria with Growbots. 

  • Growbots frees your sales staff from the laborious task of manual prospecting by automating the lead generation and email outreach processes. This allows your team to concentrate on developing and completing deals instead of interacting with potential clients.

  • The platform uses AI to guarantee the quality and correctness of the contact data. 

  • Email campaigns may be easily managed thanks to the user-friendly interface, which guarantees the effectiveness and efficiency of your outreach initiatives.

  • The AI lead generation tool features include lead generation, data cleansing and enrichment, data segmentation and filtering, interaction with CRM and marketing automation applications, extensive reporting, and messaging capabilities. 

  • Conveniently, Growbots also provides automatically-generated contact lists based on campaign responses and CRM data. 

  • The lead management process is streamlined by the platform's seamless interaction with Salesforce, which guarantees a bi-directional sync of status and activity. 

  • Warm reply identification, configurable fields, A/B testing, time zone detection, and thorough reporting are some of its capabilities.

  • Sending mass customised email campaigns with follow-ups, campaign tracking, and insights to improve your tactics is made easier with its help.

  • Growbots streamlines and expedites the sales process by automating lead generation and marketing, freeing you to concentrate on nurturing leads and completing deals. 

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Growbots pricing

Outreach: Priced at $49 per month.

ALL-in-One: Priced at $49 per month.

Pro: Users may contact Growbots for pricing.

3. Zendesk Sell

AI lead generation tool Zendesk Sell


Zendesk Sell is a feature-rich sales CRM programme made to assist companies in effectively closing transactions. This AI lead generation tool is renowned for its speedy implementation, 70% of businesses get it up and operating in 7 days or less and centralises client contacts, making it simple to track and manage leads. Your sales staff can concentrate on closing deals rather than handling administrative duties with Zendesk Sell, and many users have noted an improvement in team productivity.

Best Features of Zendesk Sell:

  • Lead management, reporting capabilities, Zapier connectors for activity centralization, and a range of sales interaction tools including email sequencing, prospecting, and enrichment are some of Zendesk Sell's primary features. 

  • Zendesk Sell provides mobile apps with capabilities like email sentiment analysis and an intelligent auto-dialer for individualised sales experiences to assist sales teams remain productive while on the road. 

  • This cutting-edge AI lead generation tool offers a comprehensive customer view, sophisticated analytics, and productivity tools on a single, user-friendly platform.

  • To expedite lead generation and data enrichment, this CRM software also provides prospecting and enrichment credits. This will enable your salespeople to close transactions more quickly and with less effort.

  • Sales executives can offer individualised coaching to drive sales productivity and revenue growth with the use of intelligent reports and automated insights.

  • It is an easy-to-use and effective option for sales professionals since it integrates CRM, email, a smart phone dialer, sales reporting, lead scoring, and more into a one package. 

  • You may manage your sales staff without using several software solutions by using Zendesk Sell. 

  • To suit your unique needs, you may also build bespoke Zendesk apps or combine your current tools.

  • Sales teams in both B2B and B2C markets can benefit from Zendesk Sell that provides lead tracking, sales pipeline management, and sales reporting. 

  • A feature-rich, intuitive CRM that gives sales teams the ability to make data-driven choices, optimise workflows, and boost sales success.

  • It can be integrated with MailChimp and is compatible with a number of mobile platforms, making it appropriate for small to midsize businesses in a variety of sectors.

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Costing: There is a 14-day free trial available, and these price options are invoiced annually. One product in the Zendesk portfolio that aims to improve customer experiences is Zendesk Sell. 

Team: $19 a month for each agent

Growth: $55 a month for each agent

Expert: $115 per month for each agent

Enterprise: $169 per agent per month at the beginning

4. Albert.AI

AI lead generation tool Albert.AI


Alberto.AI is a sophisticated AI marketing assistant that optimises advertising campaigns on several platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google. It is an amazing AI lead generation tool that is renowned for its superb features. It has multi-channel capability, offers campaign optimisation, intelligent decision-making, real-time reporting, and much more.  

Best Features of Alberto.AI:

  • Albert bases both minor and major decisions on his analysis of vast volumes of marketing data, which he performs using artificial intelligence. 

  • Albert can autonomously take actions to carry out these recommendations in your marketing efforts, unlike other AI technologies that can merely make recommendations. Marketers can save time and effort by doing this.

  • Because of the data-driven decision making, it may optimise your campaigns more successfully than efforts powered by people.

  • Albert works automatically to continuously improve your advertising campaigns. In order to guarantee improved returns on ad spend (ROAS), it takes data and risk variables into account before launching new advertisements or raising investments.

  • All phases of advertising campaigns are covered by comprehensive campaign management, from planning and parameter setting to continuing optimisation and producing reports to assist with performance monitoring.

  • Albert is a flexible tool for managing and optimising ads across several channels because it works flawlessly across a variety of advertising platforms, including Google, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

  • Albert contributes to increased ROAS by making data-driven decisions and carrying them out smoothly.

  • It offers reports on campaign performance in real-time, enabling you to make wise choices and improve your lead generating tactics.

  • You may receive more details about Albert.AI's services and price alternatives by getting in touch with their staff. They provide personalised pricing plans.

  • Albert makes sure that marketing funds are used sensibly by evaluating risk prior to introducing new advertisements or increasing investments.

  • Because of its adaptability and compatibility with a range of advertising platforms, this tool is an invaluable resource for marketers seeking to improve their digital advertising campaigns.

  • In conclusion, Albert.AI is a state-of-the-art AI marketing assistant that helps companies get better outcomes by automating and optimising marketing campaigns using machine learning and predictive analytics. 

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Costing: Contact Albert.AI for pricing.


AI lead generation tool

Description: is a cutting-edge AI lead generation tool that simplifies B2B lead generation. The application offers a wealth of verified and accurate information, including social media accounts, industry, phone numbers, email addresses, and designations. It helps recruiters, marketers, salespeople, and company owners locate and interact with excellent prospects more effectively. 

Best Features of

  • offers decision-making data and support to help entrepreneurs, recruiters, marketers, and sales professionals thrive in their business endeavours. 

  • With, there are several ways to produce leads. You can use social media links and contact information to find potential customers, and you can use intelligent filters to narrow down your listings. 

  • You can also add up-to-date lead information to your current contact databases. 

  • By using competitor content monitoring and real-time geolocation, it streamlines the process of generating B2B leads.

  • Real-time prospect tracking and data collecting from websites and social media networks are made possible by the Chrome extension. 

  • makes it easy to enrich data. Your contact database will be immediately updated with the most recent information as you import it, including contact details, job roles, social media profiles, and company details.

  • Gaining a competitive edge, raising sales, and raising brand awareness are all facilitated by this technology. 

  • Its smart location feature also offers customised datasets for certain postal codes.

  • Managing prospects is simple with Using top-notch lead data, you may find hidden audiences, interact with decision-makers, and target prospects according to their hobbies and pursuits. 

  • It's similar to having a group of knowledgeable lead gen specialists working nonstop to expand your pipeline.


Costing: is a complete prospecting solution that includes lead production and conversion, not just a data collecting tool. It has a $133 monthly beginning price.

Starter: $140 for 300 credits

Growth: $400 for 1100 credits

Enterprise: $800 for 2600 credits


AI-powered lead generating solutions have become indispensable resources for businesses looking to optimise their prospecting efforts in the cutthroat business world of today. A variety of capabilities are available in the top five tools this article highlights to improve the lead creation process. AI is used by LeadIQ, Growbots, Zendesk Sell, Albert.AI, and to optimise lead generation in a variety of ways, from email campaigns and data validation to full-service prospect management. These technologies use artificial intelligence (AI) to save time and money while giving organisations the ability to find, connect with, and convert high-quality leads, a process that increases sales and promotes long-term success. To find out more about AI tools, visit You may also check out the best AI tools for data analysts and the best AI chrome extensions on our blog.

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