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What is an AI Interior Design Tool?

AI interior design tools use artificial intelligence to improve the design process and change how users plan and carry out their interior projects. These technologies employ artificial intelligence (AI) to assess user preferences, design styles, and spatial arrangements to generate customized design recommendations that reflect the user's vision. AI interior design tools revolutionize the field by automating tedious chores and providing strong visualization skills, whether renovating a living area or completely revamping a home's look.

These dynamic tools streamline the creative process and improve user experience by smoothly creating floor designs, selecting furniture, and creating lifelike representations. Greater customer satisfaction is ensured by this data-driven approach, which customizes the final design to the specific needs of the user. Before devoting time and resources to a room renovation, users can explore and generate creative designs with these cutting-edge virtual brainstorming tools. These technologies offer customized design recommendations by analyzing large volumes of data, such as furniture styles and space dimensions.

In conclusion, AI interior design tools are revolutionizing the field of home décor and restoration by fusing the human designers' creativity and personal touch with AI's computational prowess to produce a singular, customized design experience.

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What are the Benefits of Using AI Interior Design Tools?

Entire Analysis for Tailored Designs

AI interior design tools are excellent at examining a range of parameters, including room sizes, lighting configurations, and furniture arrangements. This thorough study enables the development of unique design plans that satisfy specific demands and preferences while maximizing form and function.

Accessibility for Users

Artificial intelligence-powered interior design tools are accessible and easy to use, thanks to their intuitive interfaces. These tools are useful for people with different levels of design experience. A wider audience may now improve their living spaces without the requirement for advanced design knowledge thanks to the democratization of design.

Efficiency in terms of Time and Cost

Interior designers may now generate and refine designs much more quickly than with traditional approaches thanks to artificial intelligence (AI) tools. This effectiveness results in cost reductions as well as time savings, making it a more affordable option than traditional interior design services.

Knowledge of Accessible Design

AI tools provide professional advice and insights, functioning as virtual design consultants. Users using AI interior design tools now have access to this advice, which was previously only available to professional designers. This guarantees that even beginners may make knowledgeable design choices supported by AI-driven knowledge.

Precision and Error Reduction

AI technologies ensure precision in design by reducing human error in placement and measuring. Precision like this is essential to prevent costly changes and design problems. There is a far lower chance of having furniture that is too big or impedes traffic, which results in more error-free and seamless designs.

Remote Cooperation

AI tools make it possible for people to collaborate remotely with friends, family, and designers, regardless of where they are physically located. Online design sharing makes it possible to incorporate suggestions and criticism from other people into the design process without any problems.

Customized Design Recommendations Based on Client Preferences

AI systems for interior design pick up on and evaluate client preferences, providing instantaneous design recommendations that suit personal preferences. This feature guarantees prompt approval of design suggestions and improves client satisfaction.

Optimization of Space Planning

AI-based room planners automatically measure furniture and analyze dimensions to help maximize space planning. This guarantees that every element of the design has been painstakingly planned for both usability and beauty.

Automated Selection of Materials

AI simplifies the process of choosing materials by evaluating design styles and suggesting the best materials based on exact specifications. This makes the process of choosing materials easier and guarantees that decisions complement the space's appearance and functionality.

Customization & Customer-focused designs

Skilled AI interior design technologies enable the production of customized designs by analyzing trends, habits, and preferences of clients. This lessens the possibility of changes or rejections by guaranteeing that each design is customized to the specific needs of the client.

Skillful Lighting Design

Intelligent lighting design recommendations are given by AI interior design systems, which also take into account the natural light levels in a room. The overall ambiance and aesthetics of the interior are enhanced by this automation, which makes the process of choosing lighting fixtures simpler.

Realistic-looking 3D rendering

AI-powered technologies make it easier to produce incredibly lifelike 3D renderings, which makes accurate design visualization possible. This feature acts as a helpful guide for design implementation and helps to communicate design concepts to clients.

Estimated Cost Accuracy

During the design phase, AI interior design technologies offer quick and precise cost estimates. This makes it possible for designers to optimize designs in accordance with customer budgets, guaranteeing that the finished proposals respect budgetary limitations without sacrificing quality.

Design Decisions That Promote Sustainability

Artificial Intelligence helps designers choose materials that are environmentally friendly in this era of growing consciousness about sustainability. AI interior design apps find real sustainable materials and design features to incorporate into projects by analyzing data.

Best 5 AI Interior Design Tools

Revealing the best AI interior design tools now!

1. Planner 5D

Planner 5D

For architects, interior designers, and homeowners, Planner 5D is a superb AI interior design tool. It may be used to build 3D models for a variety of design tasks, including office, bathroom, kitchen, and garden planning, as well as gym floor plans, landscape designs, and home designs. Realistic 3D furniture models are effortlessly generated with Planner 5D's Design Generator, enabling dynamic design previews and last-minute tweaks.With a few clicks, this sophisticated AI-powered application converts 2D floor layouts into editable 3D projects.

Best Features:

  • One of the tool's most notable features is its clever neural network, which can convert 2D plans into 3D equivalents. When users upload their floor plans, the AI rapidly digitizes them and creates a 3D design from the 2D version. 

  • The platform's sophisticated algorithms, which enable realistic and detailed room designs and assist excellent client visualization, make it stand out. 

  • Planner 5D offers accessibility across multiple platforms and is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

  • A comprehensive feature set of Planner 5D includes the Design Generator, an AI-powered tool called Smart Wizard, and compatibility for VR and AR technologies. 

  • With over 40 million users creating over 80 million projects without the need for expert design abilities, Planner 5D's appeal is clear. 

  • To fit their individual tastes, users can change the finishes, colors, and furniture. Depending on personal preferences, the Smart Wizard simplifies the customization of furniture, colors, finishes, and decor. 

  • With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface, a catalog that contains more than 5000 objects, and AI plan identification, the tool is highly user-friendly. 

  • With capabilities like AI floor plan detection, Design Generator, and Smart Wizard, the AI interior design tool offers a seamless design experience.

  • The Renders tool allows users to see their designs as photorealistic photos.

  • In conclusion, Planner 5D is a well-liked and adaptable AI interior design application that meets a variety of design requirements. AI capabilities, platform compatibility, and an easy-to-use interface make it the preferred choice for both novice and experienced designers.

Try Planner 5D

Pricing: Although Planner 5D offers a free version with restricted functionality, a monthly subscription costing $9.99 or a yearly subscription costing $59.99 can unlock premium features. Access to a large item catalog and more customization options are provided by the premium version.

2. Foyr Neo

Foyr Neo


With its AI-driven capabilities, Foyr Neo transforms interior design, offering both experts and enthusiasts a smooth and effective experience. Because of the platform's intuitive interface, anyone with no experience with CAD or 3D modeling may use it, making it accessible to both seasoned designers and beginners. With the help of this comprehensive online tool, users can quickly convert simple floor designs into fully realized renders, speeding up the design-to-render process. Because of its many features, the AI interior design tool is a great resource for interior designers who want to create accurate representations while also being efficient and creative. With its amazing artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, Foyr Neo offers customers a full range of design tools for virtual and augmented reality, including furniture selection, space planning, material customisation, and lighting simulation. 

Best Features:

  • With its vast collection of more than 60,000 pre-made 3D models, which includes furniture and accessories, Foyr Neo gives users the creative freedom to create designs with a wide range of components. 

  • Users can present their designs in photo realistic detail and create immersive walkthroughs with customized camera angles and perspectives, which improves client communication and understanding.

  • Foyr Neo is distinguished by its sophisticated rendering capabilities, which are achieved via the use of AI algorithms to produce realistic textures, lighting effects, and high-quality 3D models. 

  • Beyond 3D modeling, Foyr Neo's machine-learning algorithms include functions like an automated cost calculator and a smart space configurator. These components help qualified interior designers optimize their designs in terms of both cost and attractiveness. 

  • Because Foyr Neo is a web-based AI interior design tool, users can create visually appealing designs without loading up their devices with unnecessary downloads. 

  • With its reasonable subscription-based fees and 14-day free trial available for all pricing options, Foyr Neo stands out among AI interior design tools.

  • With access to tens of thousands of 3D models, designers can improve the overall design process by coordinating furniture and design decisions with proposals for real-world products.

  • Foyr Neo, aimed at both pros and amateurs in interior design, blends cutting-edge AI technology with the best elements of design software such as AutoCAD and SketchUp.

  • Users can visualize and experience their designs in a realistic virtual environment created by the platform, which can assess user preferences and design needs to generate personalized recommendations and solutions.

Try Foyr Neo

Pricing: The pricing options are flexible and scalable, meeting a range of corporate demands. The Basic package offers 60 render credits per month, making it perfect for personal use and home stagers. For experienced designers, the Standard plan offers 135 render credits each month in addition to extra services like Masterclass Sessions and 1 Click 3D Walkthrough. 240 render credits per month, specialized customer assistance, and bespoke models are all included in the Premium plan, which is intended for design teams and studios.

3. AIRoomPlanner



With the use of AI technology, AIRoomPlanner has fundamentally altered the interior design industry. The website offers a personalized experience through the use of user-friendly AI algorithms, enabling users to design their homes with a wide selection of themes, colors, furniture, and accessories. The AI interior design tool, accessible at, provides homeowners with limitless and cost-free access to a multitude of creative interior design ideas. Redesigning a room doesn't have to be complicated with AIRoomPlanner, an app that offers a straightforward upload and change platform tailored to users' real locations. 

Best Features:

  • The AI interior design tool’s power resides in its AI-driven methodology, which aims to democratize interior design and make it accessible to everyone. 

  • Users must go to the Interior AI Design editor, provide their email address, and verify that they are receiving login links by email. With this, AIRoomPlanner becomes a new tool in the arsenal of digital designers. 

  • Users can independently engage in interior design with AI's help, exploring a variety of design concepts in various styles for their rooms. 

  • AIRoomPlanner excels at its primary function, AI-driven design development. 

  • With the Interior AI Design editor, users can easily input their preferences and the AI will instantly generate a number of design possibilities in various styles. 

  • AIRoomPlanner concentrates on producing interior design ideas for inspiration, spanning bedrooms, living rooms, and kitchens, while lacking latest revisions. Due to the tool's ease of use, customers may receive design suggestions, see possible changes for their areas, and get started quickly.

  • Despite its simple look, the website is a great starting point for anyone interested in AI-powered interior design. 

  • It supports a wide range of styles, from traditional vintage design to modern minimalism, and lets customers try out different combinations until they find the ideal match for their spaces.

  • Even those without any prior design skills can experiment with different interior design styles with ease because of the tool's simplicity. 

  • With its AI generator, users may quickly and easily tackle interior design without having to comprehend complex prompts or algorithmic details thanks to its user-friendly platform.

  • The "render new idea" button lets users see their homes in various lighting conditions, which helps them find inspiration even though it doesn't allow them to add prompts for a personalized place.

  • In conclusion, The AI interior design tool allows users to produce hundreds of different style concepts for their rooms, showcasing its revolutionary ability of AI in transforming the interior design scene.

Try AIRoomPlanner 

Pricing: Free to use.

4. DecorMatters



The fourth best AI interior design tool on our list, DecorMatters, is well-known for its creative application of artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) technologies. In addition to offering a user-friendly interface and a large selection of furniture and decor goods from leading companies, it sets itself apart by fostering a thriving community of design aficionados. With more than 10 million users, the app creates a collaborative space where retailers, interior designers, and furniture buyers can interact and exchange ideas. DecorMatters is a platform that fosters creativity and teamwork in addition to being an AI-powered design tool. 

Best Features:

  • The AI interior design tool has a wide range of features, such as a large library of furniture and decor, tools for teamwork, and interesting design competitions that provide a vibrant setting for community engagement and inspiration.

  • Modern AI and AR technology is the foundation of DecorMatters, allowing customers to visualize their ideas in their real-world living areas with remarkable realism. 

  • With DecorMatters, users can effortlessly share their designs, get helpful criticism, and get ideas from the larger community. This makes DecorMatters a great resource for professionals as well as design enthusiasts who want to learn more.

  • Additionally, DecorMatters places a strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendly design. It does this by examining materials, energy use, and environmental aspects to assist designers in making decisions that lessen the project's negative environmental effects.

  • Before making a purchase, consumers may use this function to observe how furniture and decor pieces fit into the existing atmosphere, which helps them make very important decisions. 

  • DecorMatters fosters an engaging community where members can explore a variety of design styles and creative concepts by holding contests.

  • In addition to earning coins and accessing new furnishings and things, users can take part in challenges. Users may visualize objects in their space with the help of the augmented reality function. 

  • DecorMatters provides a novel idea by fusing gaming with interior design. 

  • It offers a place for learning, sharing, and development within a friendly community, appealing to a broad audience that includes both professional designers and design lovers. 

  • Users can also upload images of their space and furnish it with actual furniture, all of which are connected to product pages that allow for in-person purchases. Organizing interior design competitions where participants create your space introduces a competitive and social aspect to the site.

Try DecorMatters 

Pricing: A subscription option is available as part of DecorMatters' pricing levels, which unlocks premium features and tools to improve the room design process. With options like infinite furniture, MyRoom, MyDecor, animated filters, MyDecor organizer, backdrop eraser, AR ruler, and 3D models, users can select weekly, monthly, or annual subscriptions.

Weekly: $9.99

Monthly: $19.99

Yearly: $39.99

5. RoomGPT



Hassan El Mghari created RoomGPT, a state-of-the-art AI tool for customized interior design designs, in March 2023. The technology allows designers to express their ideas in simple English, and it then creates personalized design blueprints in response. As an online AI tool, RoomGPT uses artificial intelligence, deep learning, and image processing to make interior design choices. RoomGPT excels at comprehending natural language inputs since it is based on the robust GPT-3 language model. By utilizing AI, RoomGPT produces photorealistic representations automatically, offering a smooth and intuitive user experience.

Best Features:

  • With the platform, redesigning a room is simple and requires no manual measuring. With Google sign-in, users may create a free account and create bespoke plans using drag-and-drop capabilities or choose from pre-designed layouts.

  • RoomGPT is remarkable in that it can learn from previous design initiatives. 

  • Real-time modifications are possible with the user-friendly software, which also provides a visual depiction of the room's metamorphosis. 

  • The AI interior design tool saves time and boosts designers' productivity by improving its design recommendations as it gathers more data. 

  • It helps users make decisions without physically changing the space by generating alternative designs in different styles based on analysis of room photos and features. 

  • Users may quickly and easily view, modify, and explore interior ideas thanks to the AI-powered models and picture analysis technology.

  • By allowing users to see the results before making any adjustments, this not only saves time but also avoids blind purchases.

  • This AI-powered system is notable for its extensive furniture variety, flawless AI technology integration, and unmatched realism in 3D interior renderings. Thanks to RoomGPT's intuitive UI and advanced AI capabilities, users can easily explore a variety of design options and completely redesign their living environments.

  • By uploading a photo and choosing a theme, users of RoomGPT can create their ideal rooms for free using the machine learning model ControlNet. 

  • Without the assistance of an interior designer, customers can take charge of their space makeovers using RoomGPT's intuitive UI and advanced AI capabilities. It is an exceptional tool for investigating a variety of design options due to its quick processing speed and superior designs.

  • The upload-and-adapt paradigm of RoomGPT is what makes it so easy to use. 

  • The application provides a visual picture of the ideal environment by generating alternatives in furniture placement, wall colors, and room layouts. Users can download the designs, change the furniture and color scheme, and have a creative and adaptable interior design experience.

  • If the first iterations of the designs don't live up to expectations, the application gives users the option to regenerate them.

Try RoomGPT 

Pricing: For ongoing use, RoomGPT provides both a free trial and subscription options. The $15 Pro Plan and the $30 Business Plan offer infinite renderings with different usage rights and limits on the amount of pictures that can be created simultaneously. Paid accounts offer access to feature requests and customer assistance, which improves the user experience overall.

In summary

AI interior design tools assist both experts and homeowners, opening up interior design to a wider audience. These artificial intelligence-powered applications optimize space planning, material selection, and lighting design by providing personalized design recommendations based on user preferences. One notable feature of Planner 5D is its neural network for transforming 2D plans into 3D designs; on the other hand, Foyr Neo impresses with its extensive library of pre-made 3D models and advanced rendering capabilities. AI-driven design development by AIRoomPlanner streamlines the design process, while DecorMatters uses AI and AR to create a community that is collaborative. RoomGPT uses natural language input to facilitate simple room redesigns. It is based on GPT-3. These tools democratize interior design, opening it up to a wider audience and enabling it to continuously improve the quality of living spaces. To find out more about AI tools, visit Before you leave, don’t forget to check out the best AI headshot generator tools. You may also like the best AI design tools on our blog.

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