5 Best AI Video Editing Tools in 2023

Ilma Last Updated: October 23, 2023 9 min read

What Do AI Video Editing Tools Do?

You might think that they edit videos, but what else? Of course, they do, but these AI video editing tools have much to offer you apart from just editing. They have surplus features and astonishing functionalities, making them stand out from the crowd. 

AI video editing tools have become well-liked among content producers. Compared to conventional editors, AI video editor tools use machine learning and artificial intelligence to streamline various after-production video editing tasks, including colour correction and noise elimination. 

These AI video editing tools have emerged as a viable alternative to conventional editing methods and provide several noteworthy benefits. They intelligently recognise items in the video and make modifications within a few seconds, allowing you to edit films considerably more quickly. 

AI video editing tools are completely changing how we create and edit videos presently. They help in handling tedious tasks like resizing and cropping photographs and videos. They also assist in expediting the workflow so that you can concentrate on enjoyable things such as the beauty and designing components. 


Factors to Consider While Choosing AI Video Editing Tools

Among the surplus options of AI video editing tools available in the market, selecting the best could be a tough task. Many AI video editing tools offer a wide range of advantages and specifications which can confuse us. Let us consider some of the most important factors in looking for the most beneficial AI video editor.

Quick Performance and Response

The AI video editor you choose must be responsive and fast. Saving time is one of the reasons we require an AI tool, so we ensure that its performance is great and provides results in a matter of minutes.

Creative Ideas and Templates

Go for the AI tool with various options and amazing stock of beautiful templates to fulfil all needs and requirements. Check whether the AI tool offers astounding creative ideas to utilise in your videos to make them look superb and eye-catching. 

Less Pricey

We do not want costly AI video editing tools that would empty our wallets. Ensure that the AI tool is under your budget and gives a good return on investment. It would be great if it offered a free trial, so you may have an overview of the tool before buying it. 

Easily Accessible

We would prefer to spend our time on something other than understanding how the tool works and struggling with it. So, look for easy-to-use AI video editing tools. This will help you work effortlessly and easily. 


5 Best AI Video Editing Tools

Let us now look at the AI video editing tools, which have successfully topped our list by offering amazing features and advantages. 


1. Filmora Wondershare


One of the most-loved AI video editing tools by creators and other enthusiasts. Filmora Wondershare offers a sophisticated and user-friendly experience. It effortlessly produces videos of a professional calibre with features like motion tracking, digital colour correction, and more. Making a visually amazing video is simple and enjoyable with Filmora Wondershare, regardless of your level of expertise in the editing process. 

Best Features:

  • This AI video editing tool can enhance your video clip with realistic colours due to its automated colour correction feature.
  • Minimises noise from the background to produce a finished product of greater accuracy.
  • You can easily add headers and visuals with expert experience.
  • Motion tracking is an advantageous function that enables you to follow moving things in your videos for more precise editing.
  • Allows you to apply different musical effects to improve sound quality with audio enhancement.
  • You can edit it on a computer or mobile as the switching is easy.
  • You can pick from various effects to spice up your sequences.


Tool Website: https://filmora.wondershare.com/ 


Annual Plan: $49.99 per year. Offers 5% off with PayPal, which is $44.99 per year.

Offers two other Plans (Cross-Platform and Perpetual).


2. InVideo


InVideo is an excellent option to create and edit high-quality videos directly on your desktop or laptop. The cutting-edge AI video editor can accurately determine the size and proportion that will provide the greatest watching experience for your video. Thanks to artificial intelligence, every video made with InVideo is distinct and well-optimised for social networking sites and additional uses. 

Best Features:

  • You may upload new videos or use pre existing recordings, select from various visuals and themes, and upload it with the requirement of costly tools or experience with challenging AI video editing software.
  • When viewed on any device, your InVideo-created videos will always seem crisp and beautiful.
  • Provides more than 50 AI-based template collections for simple conversions of text to video.
  • It is extremely simple, even for people without video editing skills.
  • Enhanced and high-quality videos can be made using royalty-free photos and movies.


Tool Website: https://invideo.io/ 


Free Plan: You can create a video in the free Plan, but it will contain a watermark. 

Business: This Plan costs $15 per month.

Unlimited: This Plan costs $30 per month for unlimited videos. 


3. FlexClip


This editor is among the best AI video editing tools. It is made to make it simpler than ever before for you to produce videos which appear professional. You may obtain more from your video with the assistance of computerised procedures and simple functionality without investing a lot of time in editing.

Best features:

  • Scales videos seamlessly so they fit across all platforms.
  • You can choose from many already-prepared video templates, layouts, themes, and designs.
  • Being a cloud-based application, FlexClip consumes a small amount of your computational resources.
  • You can get surplus royalty-free photographs, audio track choices, and visuals for the videos you create.
  • Provides drag-and-drop operations that make video customisation simple.
  • Ability to create music that reflects the sentiment and purpose of the video.
  • Illustrations can be improved with animation effects, colour adjustments, graphic design, and more within a few minutes.


Tool Website: https://www.flexclip.com/ 


Free Plan: Create videos with a watermark.

Plus: It costs $9.99 per month.

Business: Costs $19.99 per month. 


4. Wise cut


For videos where a person often talks about the topic of the video, Wisecut is a well-liked AI video editor tool. Explainers can use this for instructional videos. 

Best Features:

  • Allows you to recognise problematic gaps and eliminate them intelligently without making you watch the video repeatedly.
  • Produces quick cuts that provide you with punches and transitions, which makes the footage more concise and interesting.
  • Wisecut’s translations into Arabic, Spanish, German, Japanese, Hindi, Korean, etc., will help you approach a wider audience in the interim.
  • It can be used on a desktop or mobile device.
  • Applies sound sinking or background sound reduction to eliminate any needless pauses.


Tool Website: https://www.wisecut.video/ 


Four plans are offered by Wisecut, which include Free, Enterprise, Starter, and Professional.


5. Veed


If you mostly create explanatory and tutorial videos, Veed is among the most popular AI video editing tools. It is a platform for video editing in the cloud that effortlessly produces amazing quality videos. It helps eliminate laptop storage problems and sluggish transfer of files.

Best Features:

  • Permits several editors to collaborate on a single project.
  • You can easily share and upload videos through a URL, compile user comments, and update already-existing videos.
  • Allows you to replace backgrounds with fresh pictures and other videos.
  • Provides automatic translations and subtitles.
  • You can use various visual enhancements and audio effects.
  • Transitions, cropping, and cutting are all made available.
  • Mobile devices are also compatible with this AI video editor tool.


Tool Website: https://www.veed.io/ 


Offers a Free Plan with three others, including Basic, Pro, and Business.



In conclusion, AI video editing tools can help you create next-level videos like a pro! Using these AI tools, anyone can do wonders with their videos and films without having much knowledge about video editing. The best AI video editing tools mentioned in this article offer outstanding advantages and enormous features to enhance your videos. From colour grading to trimming and cropping, everything is made possible and easy with these AI video editor tools. 


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