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What Is an AI Art Generator?

Software that creates art and images, which are mostly based on text inputs, using artificial intelligence (AI) is called an AI art generator. The greatest AI art generators enable you to produce digital works from a few phrases, and some of them are capable of much more.

An AI art generator could alter modern technology and future art production methods. You can create abstract paintings, landscapes, and portraits with an AI art generator. You can even copy the styles of well-known artists. An AI art generator produces surreal computer graphics from simple words. It can produce a wide range of artistic forms including, music, digital art, collages, and much more.


Best AI Art Generator List

Let us unveil the best AI art generator list along with their best features and pricing. This will help you choose the perfect generator based on your requirements. 


1. Jasper Art

AI Art Generator Jasper Art


Jasper Art is the finest AI art generator available and that is the reason why it has topped our list. It can create fabulous art to drool over within seconds. It employs cutting-edge AI image-generating technology to create original digital art from your thoughts. You can produce distinctive and superior-quality visuals using Jasper Art. The fantastic characteristics of this AI art generator make it perfect for commercial use. 

Best Features of Jasper Art:

  • Produces unique works of art, illustrations, pictures, and 3D animations.
  • Jasper Art comes up with four examples of digitally influenced art according to your input.
  • You may quickly rate, distribute, and download your artwork.
  • Jasper Art’s images are copyright-free, which saves you from spending money on pricey royalty-free photo collections.
  • Ability to generate distinctive images in a wide range of styles that are influenced by the artists, feelings, and art movements chosen by you.
  • Best for use in advertising for companies and non-profit organisations.
  • This AI art generator supports around 29 languages.
  • Saves a lot of time and money compared to other methods of acquiring art.
  • Provides photos and artwork with a 2k pixel resolution.
  • Jasper Art creates pixel-perfect digital art with its straightforward design, user-friendly interface, and concise textual instructions.
  • Offers free use in business settings.
  • Users can use the premade templates to rapidly match the art style they require for their project.
  • Provides access to a support chat if you need assistance in using the AI art generator.
  • Ability to create infinite iterations of images.
  • With Jasper Art, you can produce watermark-free images.
  • Users can utilise this AI art generator to create AI graphics faster in addition to creating digital images from text.
  • An astonishing AI art generator from photos to assist your art-making job.


Tool Website: 


Jasper Art costing

This AI art generator offers plans starting at $39 per month and includes the following:

  • Offers a 7-day free trial.
  • Provides 200 image generations for free.
  • Generates images in 2k high-resolution.


2. Shutterstock

AI Art Generator Shutterstock


Create tremendous art using this renowned AI art generator. The Shutterstock AI tool is an easy method to create art and photographs for both personal and business purposes. It is a royalty-free website that has much to offer. 

Best Features Shutterstock:

  • Shutterstock’s AI image generator tool includes a predetermined amount of image styles. However, by clicking on them, extra options become available for you so that you can further customise what you are trying to make.
  • Users can add pictures and art to their personal or public Shutterstock collections.
  • Graphics are offered in 512 x 512 and 1024 x 1024 pixel sizes.
  • Ability to produce photos, digital art, 3D art, and more.
  • This AI art generator is supported by a huge library.
  • Offers text entry hints in more than 20 languages.
  • Users can make as many versions as they want.
  • Shutterstock’s AI image generator tool offers five primary methods of image and art production.


Tool Website: 


Shutterstock costing

Shutterstock offers three plans that include the following:

Packs: Priced at $49 per month. 

Subscriptions: Priced at $69 per month.             

Image Subscription: Priced at $49 per month. 

Enterprise: Users can contact for customised packages.


3. RunwayML

AI Art Generator RunwayML


RunwayML provides a collection of AI tools for creating and manipulating art, music, pictures, 3D visuals, and video. It employs machine learning models to provide amazing outputs. 

Best Features of RunwayML:

  • Offers a variety of tools for creating art, including text-to-image generators, AI animations, and video editing.
  • RunwayML provides specialised model training.
  • Users can create visuals and art of a high calibre based on text messages.
  • There are many different image styles available.
  • Users can convert their art and pictures into animated videos.
  • RunwayML offers multiple seats and shared resources.
  • This AI art generator offers a no-cost trial version for its users.
  • By approaching the Runway sales division, buyers can create a unique solution plan.
  • Ability to scale up an image’s resolution.


Tool Website: 


RunwayML costing

 RunwayML offers four plans for its users that include the following:

Basic: This plan is free forever. It is best suited for individuals who aim to explore Runway’s AI Magic Tools and other content generation features. 

Standard: Priced at $15 per month. This plan is best suited for those who are looking for more access and options. It allows a maximum of five users per workspace. 

Pro: Priced at $35 per month. This plan is best suited for large groups and businesses that wish to add all the features of Runway into their workflow. It allows a maximum of five users per workspace.          

Unlimited: Priced at $95 per month. This plan offers limitless video generation and a lot more. 


4. CF Spark Art

AI Art Generator CF Spark Art


A super fun AI art generator that does wonders for your art. The CF Spark group is a collection of AI generation tools that include an AI art generator (CF Spark Art), a pattern generator, and a content writer. Particularly for people who wish to try their hand at digital art creation but might be put off by more complicated platforms. 

Best Features of CF Spark Art: 

  • Provides many presets that may be combined with your text to simplify making digital art.
  • Offers a text-to-image generator that turns straightforward and complex sentences into graphic art.
  • Users can create art more quickly and access it rapidly with obtained credits.
  • CF Spark Art provides a pleasant interface that is simple to use.
  • This AI art generator generates four picture versions of your artwork that you may save or remix with the CF ImageMix tool and then share it with the CF community.
  • Includes a total of eight presets for art.
  • Offers a lot of options for your generated art that includes lighting, art media, colour, and more.
  • Ability to create art with six different aspect ratios.
  • When you add your choices, a prompt is automatically created in the textbox that you may copy and edit to add your text and content suggestions.
  • Provides prompt repository and advanced prompt builder.
  • Offers a graphic prompt builder at an expert level.
  • CF Spark Art provides a personal, searchable archive of generated works.


Tool Website: 

Costing: Plans start from $9 per month.


5. Dream by WOMBO

AI Art Generator Dream by WOMBO


Dream by WOMBO is a bewildering AI art generator. It is a web platform and a smartphone app for creating AI images and art. It is a fun software to use for non-professional individuals. 

Best Features of Dream by WOMBO:

  • The free edition enables you to generate one image at a time, in contrast to many generators.
  • This AI art generator produces reasonable-quality photos and can grasp typical language cues.
  • It quickly produces four different images or art versions.
  • Provides a wide variety of presets to use.
  • You can download your works as a backdrop image or a trading card.
  • Users can upload their custom images and art to make new works of art using text prompts and presets.
  • All past prompts are easily accessible and simple to generate.
  • Dream by WOMBO has a simple-to-use interface.
  • Users can watch or download a movie showing the creation of dream images.
  • Offers more than 40 picture presets and styles.


Tool Website: 


Dream by WOMBO costing

Dream by WOMBO offers a free plan along with others that include the following:

Monthly: Priced at $9.99 per month.

Annual: Priced at $89.99 per year. Offers a 3-day free trial.

Lifetime: Priced at $169.99 one-time payment.



An AI art generator can transform simple pieces into splendid masterpieces. The above-mentioned AI art generators offer amazing features that may help you generate mind-blowing artwork with simple steps. Using them could be a great idea to master your art creation. Whether you are a pro at art or just a beginner, an AI art generator will assist you to improve your work and provide astonishing results. 


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