Best AI SEO Tools to Rank Higher

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What is an AI SEO Tool?

Modern machine learning algorithms are used by AI-powered SEO solutions to automate activities, analyse site performance, and provide priceless insights, revolutionising website optimisation. They are faster and more accurate than humans in suggesting relevant keywords, identifying problem areas, and performing quick site audits. These technologies expedite operations and produce better outcomes faster whether you're managing one website or juggling several.

AI SEO tools essentially use artificial intelligence to improve several facets of search engine optimization. They use AI models and algorithms for data analysis, insight creation, and task automation with the ultimate goal of improving search engine rankings on Google, Firefox, or Bing. With the help of this technology, SEO experts may work more effectively and efficiently.

The comprehensive information and recommendations offered by these tools have a lot to offer website owners, marketers, and SEO specialists. They enhance website traffic by improving their search engine rankings and online visibility, which is a crucial component for exponential growth in the dynamic world of digital marketing.

Effective SEO implementation can take a lot of work, and producing successful online content requires careful analytics and audits. According to recent statistics, SEO experts believe that on-page features like meta descriptions and titles are the most important components for getting good search engine ranks. AI-powered tools are playing a bigger and bigger role in determining the effectiveness of your digital content in this always changing sector of SEO.

Artificial intelligence (AI) techniques are increasingly being included into SEO tactics. By offering cutting-edge insights, data-driven decision-making, and automation capabilities, AI is revolutionising SEO and drastically enhancing website ranks and exposure. With the help of these well-regarded AI SEO tools, you may streamline the process of website optimisation while gaining insightful knowledge about ranking data. 

A thorough SEO strategy includes competitive research, choosing keywords that will drive traffic, creating plans for both internal and external link-building, and speeding up website loading times. The success of your digital content is crucially dependent on AI SEO technologies. To learn more about each tool's capabilities, let's examine it in more detail now. 

Best AI SEO Tools to Rank Higher

Time to reveal the best AI SEO tools!

1. Semrush

semrush home page


SEMrush is a well-known participant in the SEO industry and provides a wealth of AI-enhanced capabilities to support your digital marketing initiatives. SEMrush's arsenal of AI technologies includes tools for producing text-to-images, meta descriptions, and FAQ answers, all of which excel when used in response to user inquiries. This extensive toolkit includes activities like link-building, keyword tracking, competitor analysis, on-page SEO optimisation, and local SEO configuration.

Best Features of Semrush:

  • An outstanding selection of 76 AI SEO tools are available to you in SEMrush. These include tools like a writing assistance and a content rephrasing tool that make optimising content for blogs, Amazon product listings, and social media posts simple. 

  • The strength of SEMrush resides in its capacity to meet a range of digital marketing requirements, effectively taking the place of features offered by tools like Google Trends, MOZ, Hootsuite, and SimilarWeb. 

  • To help you make more informed strategic decisions, compare the traffic to your website with that of your competitors. 

  • Find rivals in organic search and opportunities to compete with them. Know the worth of the keywords they are ranking for and spot any weaknesses in their approach.

  • You'll learn about their expected total traffic, top traffic sources, bounce rate, time on page, and other information.

  • Monitor your positions for various keywords in Google, paying particular attention to pages that appear in positions 6 through 20. Improve the user conversion and retention rates on these pages.

  • Analyse your competitors' backlink profiles to discover fresh backlink chances for your website. 

  • To create your own backlink strategy, research their top referring domains, individual websites, and lately gained or lost backlinks.

  • Focus on writing that is user-centric while making sure the information is Google-friendly. Integrate this tool easily into WordPress or Google Docs.

  • Automated analysis and categorization of content assets for content audit. By analysing information from Google Analytics, Search Console, and SEMrush, you can spot content that needs to be updated, rewritten, or removed.

  • The AI SEO tool is excellent at producing blog ideas and improving current material for SEO purposes, albeit it may take several tries to come up with useful content ideas.

  • The Writing Assistant feature of SEMrush's AI-powered content marketing platform assists in producing SEO-friendly material by making recommendations for readability, keyword usage, and content length. 

  • SEMrush's AI tools for advertising optimise ad expenditure, keep track of rival ad copy and landing pages, and examine Google Shopping ad campaigns.

  • By exposing competitors' tactics, examining website traffic, and exposing keyword and backlink gaps, it also assists market research.

  • To top it off, SEMrush provides a variety of price plans, this makes it a priceless resource for experts in PR, content marketing, and social media marketing who want to maximise their efforts in digital marketing.

Try Semrush


semrush pricing
Semrush offers three plans:

Pro: Priced at $129.95 per month.

Guru: Priced at $249.95 per month.

Business: Priced at $499.95 per month.

2. Alli AI

alli ai home page


A top-tier AI-powered SEO solution, Alli AI streamlines and improves firms' SEO efforts. This tool performs website scans and produces useful recommendations to improve your overall SEO performance. For marketers with lengthy to-do lists, having tools like Alli AI is essential in the quick-paced world of digital marketing.  The implementation of these changes only requires one click. Businesses wishing to swiftly optimise their websites, efficiently manage SEO initiatives, and get a competitive edge online should use this AI SEO tool.

Best Features of Alli AI:

  • Alli AI provides a wide range of tools to make SEO administration simpler, such as content optimisation, competitor analysis for fine-tuning your SEO approach, keyword research, and powerful tracking and reporting capabilities to assess the success of your SEO efforts.

  • The ability to A/B test focus keywords on sites and automatically keep the best-performing version is one of its outstanding features.

  • You can optimise your on-page SEO in bulk with just one click, from site-wide guidelines to specific pages and posts. This helps you save time and get more done by generating page names, meta descriptions, and content modifications.

  • A fundamental strength of Alli AI is its automation method. 

  • Following a preliminary website assessment, it offers new suggestions for SEO enhancement and makes it simple for you to put them into practice. 

  • The procedure is flexible since you can decide which recommendations to follow up on.

  • Alli AI offers a revolutionary live editor that lets you edit information right in the browser. With real-time SEO tips and simple content modifications, this is especially helpful for users of CMS platforms other than WordPress.

  • It's important to note that Alli AI offers a range of pricing options, with monthly rates beginning at $249. They also offer a 10-day free trial so that you can try out the tool.

  • Alli AI delivers AI-generated reports, such as keyword ranking reports, recommendation exports, and site sales reports, which will help you fine-tune your SEO campaign by revealing important information.

  • On larger websites, Alli AI continuously scans the code and provides recommendations. 

  • It sends code updates across the entire website or specific sections effortlessly.

  • Alli AI's algorithms adjust to SEO best practises to keep automated operations current and efficient.

  • Because the product supports custom automation, your team may easily make minor adjustments to each page.

  • Savings in time and money are made possible by Alli AI's automated solutions for meta tags, link descriptions, and image alts. 

  • By lowering fulfilment costs and team overhead, Alli AI enables agencies to scale more effectively.

  • By examining well-known websites in your field, its link-building tool offers insightful advice that make link-building efforts more effective.

  • It includes live editing features, makes SEO management simpler, and gives real-time search ranking change monitoring. 

Try Alli AI:


alli ai pricing
Consultant: Priced at $350 per month.

Agency: Priced at $620 per month.

Enterprise: Priced at $1,280 per month.

3. Frase

frase home page


Frase is a beginner-friendly AI SEO tool that offers a user-friendly interface for organising, producing, and optimising content.  It makes use of AI to streamline content development and improve Google results. Frase specialises in AI writing, helping users with content planning, research, writing, and optimisation. Additionally, it shows you which pages on your website might be losing rank so you can make quick improvements.

Best Features of Frase:

  • With just the title of your article entered, Frase can instantly analyse the content of your top competitors, making it simpler for you to create SEO strategies that work.

  • The ability of Frase to display analysis results right in the editor's sidebar is one of its most distinctive features. 

  • The AI SEO tool also provides an AI writer tool that can come up with ideas and make the content writing process simpler. This implies that you can continuously improve your material as you write. 

  • Frase offers a crash course to introduce new users to the platform's systems and get them up to speed. 

  • The introductory plan's price is $12.99 per month, making it affordable for beginning bloggers or independent contractors. 

  • Based on the most popular articles on Google, Frase automatically creates content briefs. With just one click, you can quickly add these briefs to your articles.

  • Frase enables users to get backlink analysis and domain authority data from SERPs, helping the creation of more thorough SEO strategies.

  • Using Frase's dashboard, which is based on Google Search Console, users can easily monitor the effectiveness of their content and find new keyword prospects.

  • By providing sources and pertinent subtopics, the content briefing assists you in the creation of your content.

  • Provides material optimisation. To make sure your material is SEO-focused, Frase offers real-time ideas for content optimisation.

  • Offers answer engine optimisation and aids in content optimisation for voice search and featured snippets.

  • The Google Search Console connectivity offered by Frase is a standout feature. 

  • Frase offers insightful information about your SEO strategy once it is connected to your GSC account, including key performance metrics, ranking pages, impressions, and cost per click. 

  • Frase is appropriate for consumers trying to improve their SEO approach because it provides insightful information at a reasonable cost.

  • By analysing and compiling the best content, it enables users to quickly develop complete content briefs. 

  • Frase offers simple to use SEO analysis, simple tools for competitive analysis, and strong ability to create content.

  • The software's dashboard guarantees that you keep on top of your SEO game and provides insightful information.

  • Frase provides content improvement, automated creation of content summaries, content evaluation, adaptable templates, and outline creator.

Try Frase


frase pricing
Solo: Priced at $14.99 per month.

Basic: Priced at $44.99 per month.

Team: Priced at $114.99 per month.

4. Outranking

outranking home page


Outranking is a well-known AI SEO tool that is a priceless asset for content marketers looking to effectively improve their content optimisation tactics. For a number of reasons, Outranking stands out as one of the best AI SEO tools.  Its capability to perform thorough website audits, examining several SEO criteria like on-page optimisation, backlinks, and technical concerns, is a notable feature. It stands out as a financially sensible solution, making it a great option for lone content producers or smaller teams inside businesses.

Best Features of Outranking:

  • The AI SEO tool provides a wide range of tools that streamline the building of content silos, subject grouping, and keyword analysis inside a single platform.

  • Outranking's on-page optimisation capabilities, which include a detailed analysis of crucial components like titles, content, and internal linking, are one of its major strengths. 

  • Users of Outranking have a choice between four subscription tiers, with monthly prices as low as $59, and can take use of an on-demand demo. 

  • The programme carefully evaluates ten essential ranking indicators and provides thorough reports, even going so far as to examine things like content organisation, including the amount of sections and phrases.

  • Simplify the writing process by automatically extracting information, reviews, and research materials from the sources you have selected.

  • With connectivity to one domain allowed, the cheapest plan, which costs $59 per month, is the best option for small company websites.

  • You can utilise artificial intelligence's power to create thorough long-form content outlines that include headings, meta titles, and meta descriptions.

  • The Heat Map tool, which summarises themes and keyword competition in a clear and succinct manner, helps to identify promising ranking chances.

  • After the audit, the programme provides insightful analysis and suggestions to help you improve your search engine rankings.

  • By monitoring and reporting your SEO activities, you may stay informed and assess their success.

  • It excels in offering support for content strategy, content optimisation, tracking, analytics, and other things. 

  • Develop a competitive edge by thoroughly researching your rivals.

  • Gives you the ability to conduct keyword research and analysis for all of your content development projects.

  • It functions as a strong AI SEO solution made to handle your problems with engagement and organic traffic. 

  • Through SERP research, the technology concentrates on organic content while simplifying automated content generation. 

  • Outranking quickly creates an initial draught using SERP data, which you can subsequently update, fact-check, and revise as necessary.

  • In addition to the Concepts feature, it has a robust SEO Content Editor that makes it easy to optimise meta titles, meta descriptions, H2 and H3 tags, and responses to 'People Also Ask' inquiries.

  • This AI SEO tool effectively meets your needs for articles, social media postings, press releases, or website page content. 

  • It provides useful advice and cutting-edge algorithms for enhancing website functionality and exposure, strengthening online presence, and drawing more natural traffic.

Try Outranking


outranking pricing
Offers four plans that include an SEO Writer, SEO Wizard, SEO Ace, and a Custom Plan.

5. DiiB

DiiB home page


An all-inclusive AI SEO tool called DiiB combines data, performance assessment, and growth identification on a single platform. DiiB offers both free and commercial subscriptions. A number of helpful features are offered by the premium subscription. By examining your website, your competitors' websites, and industry benchmarks, it improves the performance of your website. It's a great choice for those on a tight budget who want a feature-rich, inexpensive AI SEO solution.

Best Features of DiiB:

  • The AI SEO tool informs users of potential problems, such as traffic declines, link spam, and security breaches, allowing for quick intervention.

  • Checks Google's keyword rankings on a regular basis and makes optimisation recommendations to help you rise.

  • Users can keep up a steady social media presence and use various venues to engage your audience.

  • Offers weekly or monthly summaries of the SEO data for your website and those of your rivals to make site audits simpler.

  • DiiB provides a comprehensive solution to increase your online visibility and foster growth.

  • Finds the best keywords through keyword research, and delivers ideas for improving your website specifically.

  • Allows you to gain access to information to raise your Google ranking.

  • Offers a number of functions to improve search engine ranks, investigate growth potential, and assess rivals' tactics. 

  • Other notable characteristics of this AI SEO tool include, alerts for problems with SEO, ability to conduct keyword research, analytics for social media, insights into page speed, and competitor research.

  • The Diib dashboard provides information on the health of your website, including information about mobile performance, core web metrics, domain authority, SSL certificate status, and more. 

  • A weekly health score based on AI data is sent to you, along with rankings for websites and social media platforms, ratings of mobile friendliness, and browsing experiences.

  • It offers customised growth strategy and visitor experience notifications for social, mobile, and SEO.

  • Provides monitoring of backlinks and SEO keywords.

  • Tracking of competitor rankings, automatic monitoring of a website's performance, security, email deliverability, search engine results, and rival activity.

Try Diib


DiiB pricing
Pro: Priced at $7.99 per month. 


Website owners, marketers, and SEO experts now have access to priceless resources in the form of AI SEO tools. Semrush, Alli AI, Frase, Outranking, and Diib are a few tools that use artificial intelligence to improve and streamline certain facets of search engine optimization. They provide a wide range of features, including competitor analysis, website audits, keyword research, and content optimisation.

In addition to saving time, these AI SEO solutions offer practical insights and suggestions to increase organic traffic, raise search engine rankings, and fortify online presence. They enable customers to remain ahead of the competition, automate tedious operations, and make data-driven decisions. These tools provide you a competitive edge and enable you to confidently navigate the challenging world of SEO, whether you're a small business owner or a digital marketing expert. These AI SEO tools will continue to be crucial for establishing and maintaining success in the online world as the digital landscape changes. To find out more about AI tools, visit You may also check out the best AI code generator list on our blog.

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