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What is an AI Chatbot?

An artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot is a type of software used on websites and mobile applications that uses machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) to understand user input and determine the purpose behind a query. It can recognise patterns and understand natural language thanks to training on large datasets, allowing it to tackle complex questions and produce more accurate results. These chatbots can also learn from previous discussions, gradually improving their responses.

Conversational AI chatbots with rich features are now possible because of the development of cutting-edge generative AI and language models like GPT and LaMDA. These chatbots can look up information online, develop original material, and mimic human conversational patterns.

The most important thing to remember about AI chatbots is that they combine ML and NLU to decipher user needs and offer the best solutions. Some are best suited for corporate uses, like adding a chatbot to a website, while others are better suited for personal chores like research.

Platforms for AI chatbots rely on cutting-edge technology. Large Language Models are excellent at smoothly carrying out complex commands. While text-based AI is the majority, some can also create images, films, code, and handle challenging mathematical problems. Their use is widespread and includes tools for paraphrasing articles and creating images.

These chatbots help people with a variety of tasks, such as information collecting, pattern recognition, and tackling tedious jobs. They fill a variety of gaps in both company and personal productivity because of their special qualities.

AI Chatbots for Business Process Improvement

AI chatbots have shown to be extremely useful across various businesses, providing the potential to streamline processes, enhance user experiences, and strengthen customer support. Your business can experience revolution in the following fields by utilising AI chatbots:

Customer Support:

  • Enhance the effectiveness of your customer support by ensuring that assistance is 24/7. Let’s explore the elements that contribute to an experience with AI chatbots.

  • Use chatbots as virtual customer service representatives on your company website to provide customer assistance.

  • Send users to relevant resources, instructions, and FAQs to resolve issues quickly.

Sales and Marketing: 

  • Start conversations by responding to the customer's initial questions on the goods and services.

  • Provide individualised advice to potential customers.

  • Aid and direct customers in making knowledgeable purchase decisions.

New Content:

  • When writing and editing, come up with fresh content ideas to inspire creativity.

  • Create a productive and cogent outline for articles.

  • Create effective emails, social media posts, and paragraphs.


  • Interact interactively with potential job seekers in the areas of recruitment and human resources.

  • Provide pertinent information regarding available roles.

  • Easily coordinate interview and meeting schedules.


  • Use chatbots to enthral website visitors, collect contact information, and evaluate leads.

  • Effective client identification streamlines the lead qualification procedure.

 Internal Staff Support:

  • Give staff members a useful tool for information retrieval, task completion, and resource access.

  • Through chatbot support, cultivate increased productivity and improved procedures.

Key Parameters for AI Chatbot Evaluation

Several important variables are taken into account when thinking about using an AI chatbot for engagement. These factors safeguard a fruitful and efficient engagement while eliminating poor choices. Let's explore the key requirements that guarantee a positive AI chatbot experience:

Accuracy and Responsiveness:

The capacity of a skilled AI chatbot to quickly offer accurate and pertinent responses is its distinguishing feature. Although a lot of chatbots use GPT-like models, it's important to weed out the ones that constantly provide illogical content or provide false information.


A seamless user experience is crucial. A top-tier AI chatbot should be simple to use and not require a complicated setup. User satisfaction is increased by quick and easy communication, which is shown by systems like ChatGPT.

Chat Experience:

The most common way to communicate with AI chatbots is through a chat interface. Most of the platforms on this list follow this conversational paradigm, guaranteeing a smooth and fluid discussion that encourages meaningful relationships. The details of notable exceptions will be provided later.


Improving the AI chatbot experience involves incorporating functionalities beyond text-based interactions. These can include features like internet connectivity and support for languages, which enhance the adaptability of the chatbot.

Choosing the Best AI Chatbot:

We have compiled a list of performing AI chatbots based on research and personal interactions. Embark on a journey of discovery and engagement knowing that following these recommendations will lead to an encounter.

Benefits of AI Chatbots

Improved Customer Experience:

Irrespective of your industry incorporating an AI chatbot into your company's website offers benefits. The enhanced customer experience provided by AI chatbots, which deliver responses, personalised recommendations and instant access to information stands out as an advantage. Moreover, these chatbots are available round the clock ensuring customer service and interaction regardless of staff availability.

Enhanced Efficiency:

As businesses grow, managing customer requests and inquiries can become increasingly challenging. AI chatbots excel at handling conversations reducing the need for human intervention. The response times are optimised, which helps improve effectiveness. Moreover, their ability to handle volumes of requests allows for scalability enabling your business to grow while maintaining the quality of customer service.

Complete Data Gathering:

Complete data gathering and analysis is another role that AI chatbots fulfil, by collecting customer insights such as preferences, areas of concern and frequently asked questions.

Support and Cultivation of Lead

By validating leads, creating individualised experiences, and providing unwavering assistance during all stages of the buyer journey, AI chatbots are also invaluable in lead creation. These qualities encourage deeper communication, which raises conversion rates.

Best AI Chatbots List

Let us have a look on our list of the top AI chatbots.

1. Chat by

chat by


Chat by is a multifunctional chatbot that functions similarly to ChatGPT but has access to additional data and is skilled in sales and marketing duties. However, it also excels as a general-purpose AI that can assist with problem-solving, creativity, and any writing activity. 

Best Features of Chat by

  • The commercial plans of Chat by, which start at five people per account, can be utilised across teams and are designed for the workplace.

  • A text-generation tool called specialises in writing copy. It contains AI templates to speed up article creation and copy.

  • On one side of the screen, you can communicate by, and on the right, you can submit your best suggestions to the text editor.

  • Once you're happy with the outcome, you may begin revising the writing and placing it in the relevant project folder. It's a methodical strategy.

  • If you simply need to generate content periodically, the free plan is ample, so it's worth trying to see if it suits your tech stack.

  • Access to the internet so that it can respond with current information.

  • Simple queries can be answered quickly and consistently using built-in prompts.

  • To generate material with your AI helper, switch from a chat session to a long-form editor.

  • Businesses looking for an assistant-type chatbot for internal productivity should choose Chat by 

  • Although it was designed for sales and marketing experts, it is capable of much more. It can be used to customise marketing materials and sales outreach because it has access to live data on the web (and via API).


Try Chat by


chat by pricing
Chat by offers a free plan and premium starts from $36 per month.

2. Chatbase

chatbase home page


 It is a powerful tool for building intelligent chatbots. You only need to upload your files or offer a link to your website to have a Chatbase-powered chatbot that looks like ChatGPT. After that, you can add this chatbot as a widget to your website or use the API to access it.

Best Features of Chatbase: 

  • The plugin connection created to smoothly incorporate a Chatbase chatbot makes integration for WordPress websites very simple.

  • Generative AI, which combines machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), is the technology underpinning Chatbase. 

  • These elements enable Chatbase to grasp user inquiries, provide precise responses, and improve its effectiveness over time. The attractiveness of Chatbase comes from a variety of sources.

  • It gives you the option to train ChatGPT using your unique data, giving you complete control over the knowledge and responses of your chatbot. 

  • Chatbase provides both technical and non-technical users with a user-friendly interface that makes building and managing chatbots simple.

  • Chatbase allows for customization and has integration capabilities with several different systems, including WordPress, Zapier, and Slack.

  • Chatbase offers a flexible and effective method for developing chatbots that improve user interaction and offer automated support.

  • Accurate dialogue analysis and comprehension of user intentions.

  • User input and responses are gathered and saved for conversation flow analysis.

  • The ability to record and save user information like phone numbers and email addresses.

  • Plans for future integration also include Shopify, Messenger, and WhatsApp to reach a wider audience.

  • Options for customising the chatbot to meet particular needs.

  • Ongoing improvement made possible by machine learning that eventually results in better performance.


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chatbase pricing
chatbase pricing
Offers a free plan and premium starts from $19 per month.

3. Botsify

botsify home page


A user-friendly chatbot platform designed for small to medium-sized organisations, Botsify stands out. Its main objective is to use AI-powered chatbots to simplify customer engagement and support. The platform is designed to automate customer service and sales procedures while also giving users the freedom to seamlessly incorporate human support as needed. 

Best Features of Botsify:

  • Multilingual Capability: With support for over 190 languages, Botsify is adaptable for companies with a wide range of clientele.

  • Whitelabel Functionality: The platform offers a white-label option that enables businesses to provide their clients with chatbot development services.

  • Integration with Messaging Apps: By effortlessly integrating with well-known messaging platforms, Botsify enables companies to reach out to customers via their preferred channels of contact.

  • Botsify's compatibility with e-commerce platforms like WooCommerce allows for chatbot-driven conversations to take place during online purchases.

  • Collaboration between humans and AI agents: The platform enables a seamless transition of discussions from AI chatbots to real people providing customer service.

  • Robust Analytics and Reporting: Businesses can monitor and assess the success of their chatbots using the analytics tools that are included with Botsify.

  • Numerous interfaces: With more than 100 interfaces available, Botsify is simple to integrate into different workflows and systems.

  • Botsify is especially well suited for smaller enterprises because it provides a cost-effective solution that fits in with their financial restrictions. It has a do-it-for-you development team that helps with chatbot creation and deployment.

  • The potential of this fully managed platform to improve a company's presence across many communication channels, such as WordPress, WhatsApp, Telegram, and others, is well known.

  • Well-known companies like Spotify, Toyota, and the World Health Organisation have already chosen Botsify for their chatbot requirements, further demonstrating its legitimacy and potency.

  • While there are many advantages to using Botsify, such as its multi-channel capabilities, specialised account administration, and live chat feature, it's important to keep in mind that building complex responses could require some technical knowledge.


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botsify pricing
5k chat engagements for as little as $49 per month.

4. Jasper Chat

jasper chat home page


With businesses in mind, Jasper Chat offers AI-powered content production features such as idea generation, photo caption creation, ad copy development, blog title generation, text editing, and more. In contrast to ChatGPT, Jasper uses data obtained directly from Google to guarantee the highest level of answer accuracy. Notably, it becomes comfortable with the distinctive voice and style of a business, producing material that resonates more organically.

Best Features of Jasper Chat:

  • Utilises a custom AI engine derived from OpenAI and other models.

  • Boasts broad expertise in a variety of challenging topics.

  • Adapts its replies as a result of what it has learned from previous interactions.

  • As a complete AI content creation engine, Jasper provides templates for a variety of content kinds, including LinkedIn profiles, blog entries, YouTube video scripts, and more.

  • Jasper Chat, a conversational component that melds perfectly into the platform, was just recently added.

  • Its quick transition from dialogue to document creation, which makes the process of ideation and preliminary drafting easier, is a major benefit. 

  • Jasper Chat, when asked to create an article, not only creates the final product but also proposes subsequent articles on related subjects.

  • When compared to ChatGPT, which also uses OpenAI's GPT models, Jasper's output feels more polished for content creation. Additionally, Jasper Chat has internet access, which speeds up fact-checking using a database of reliable sources.

  • Jasper provides an AI picture-generating add-on for those looking for supplemental images, removing the need to transfer platforms for aesthetic reasons.

  • Although there is a cost associated with these features, people who create huge volumes of content frequently should consider it to be worth it given the capabilities offered.

  • Zapier integration is supported by the platform, making it possible to automate a variety of content creation activities.

  • Jasper Conversation is a robust AI writing tool that includes an integrated AI conversation platform. 

  • It works using prompts or commands, and Jasper fine-tunes responses by making modest prompt tweaks to produce desired results. It is the perfect AI helper thanks to its user-friendly chat interface. 

  • It performs well in tasks related to business, such as marketing, selling, and business writing. Jasper is a decent conversation helper right now, but platform-wide development is expected of him.


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jasper chat pricing
Starts at $39 per month.

5. Zendesk Answer Bot

zendesk answer bot home page


The seamless integration of Zendesk Answer Bot with your knowledge base enables richer omnichannel engagements. The easy-to-use Flow Builder tool makes it simpler to create customised AI chatbots because it doesn't require any code. It becomes simple to modify your bot to meet changing consumer needs, ensuring the best problem-solving.

Best Features of Zendesk Answer Bot:

  • Using Flow Builder, create customised AI conversational flows.

  • Use deep learning to understand the context and intent of interactions.

  • Escalation immediately to human agents equipped with AI insights for quick resolutions.

  • An essential component of the Zendesk ecosystem, Zendesk Answer Bot, makes use of pre-existing support resources for dynamic live conversations. 

  • The 24/7 AI-driven automation, intelligent interaction routing, and compatibility with a variety of messaging services like Slack, websites, and Facebook Messenger are some of its advantages. 

  • Additionally, it makes data collection for specialised client segmentation and issue monitoring easier.

  • Businesses using Zendesk products are catered to by the Zendesk Answer Bot, which aims to improve customer assistance through AI-powered automation.

  • All Zendesk Suite plans feature basic chatbot functionality. A $50 per agent/month add-on to your package gives access to sophisticated AI features including intelligent triage, insights, and macro ideas.

Try Zendesk Answer Bot

Costing: The costing offered by Zendesk Answer Bot is based on chat resolutions and begins from $1 per resolution.


Businesses are benefiting from increased productivity and customer engagement in the constantly changing world of AI chatbots. These sophisticated solutions provide skills ranging from customer service to content production, driven by cutting-edge AI models like GPT and LaMDA. 

Evaluation of important elements including accuracy, accessibility, chat experience, and features is the key to a successful deployment. The platforms Chat by, Chatbase, Botsify, Jasper Chat, and Zendesk Answer Bot stand out among others. These platforms enable companies to deliver outstanding client experiences, boost productivity, and acquire insightful data, eventually fueling development and success. To find out more about AI tools, visit You may also check out the best AI marketing tools on our blog.

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