Best AI Marketing Tools to Upscale Your Business

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What are AI Marketing Tools?

AI marketing tools are platforms or computer programs that make automatic judgments and conduct tasks using artificial intelligence (AI). The objective is to create a marketing plan that foresees the buyer's subsequent actions. The decisions made by these AI marketing tools are supported by information that has been gathered, examined, and evaluated in light of market trends. 

Without the involvement of a real person, everything is planned and completed in actual time. This lightning-quick ability to make automatic decisions and perform chores makes AI marketing tools a powerful companion for business.


What are the Benefits of Using AI Marketing Tools?

AI marketing tools benefit us and our business in many ways. Let us discover some major benefits of using AI marketing tools for our business.

Boost Productivity

AI marketing tools tend to do those tasks which humans either find tough or boring. So, if you do not wish to work someday, worry not! AI marketing tools got you covered. They will help you with your tasks and provide sufficient time to relax from your hectic schedule. 

Save Time

AI marketing tools help us save much of our precious time, which we could spend on other important work. Manual tasks are reduced, and these AI tools themselves schedule contents. This leads to the automation of the process and saves our time.

Provide Customer Insights

AI marketing tools can learn audiences and their preferences with utter precision. This allows them to give insights into what their customer wants and where their targeted market is. Providing customer insights through data analysis is one of the most powerful benefits offered by AI marketing tools. 

Create Outstanding Content

AI marketing tools can do powerful research and then create superb content to help grow business. The content is based on the needs and requirements of consumers and showcases what our business offers them. All the complex tasks are made simple by these AI-driven tools. They also assist in creating relevant content with amazing ideas that attract an audience and help in marketing strategies. 

Save Money

AI marketing tools only ask a little from us in terms of money. They are cost-efficient and fit into our budget. These tools offer fabulous marketing concepts while allowing us to save money from spending on expensive marketing methods. They can identify and optimise the major areas where our business can profit and work on it. 


Best 5 AI Marketing Tools

Let us now talk about the best 7 AI marketing tools which have made it here. These tools promise to offer impactful performances to take your business towards the height and gain an amazing return on investment.


1. Rapidely


The cutting-edge tool Rapidely, based on the potent GPT-4 technology, intends to revolutionise the production of social media information and content. Social media experts wishing to automate their content creation process can ask Rapidely for assistance. 

Best Features of Rapidely:

  • Help in increasing social media management quickly and considerably.
  • Features a Carousel Maker that enables users to construct relevant carousels instantly.
  • Includes a Captivating Content feature that creates engaging captions using cutting-edge AI capabilities customised to your company's language.
  • Provides a Monthly Calendar Generator, making creating interesting and unique postings simple.
  • The portal offers Instagram reels' most recent music trends, enabling users to remain current and ahead of the competition.
  • Assist in collaboration and planning of posts and content.
  • Offers various trending hashtags related to your post.
  • Easy-to-use software with a surplus of innovative post ideas.


Free: Offers a free plan for one month. This plan includes:

  • Free content for one month.
  • Maximum four posts per month.
  • One carousel per month.
  • One user
  • Standard AI copywriting
  • One business account.

Creator: The plan costs $29 per month. It is best suited for individuals and startups/small businesses.

Social Pro: Plan costs $69 per month. It is best suited for those who manage more than one account.

Enterprise: The plan costs $89 per month. It is best suited for businesses and brands. Extra accounts and team members can be included for $19 and $20 monthly, respectively. 

Agency: The plan costs $129 per month. It is best suited for large teams and agencies. This plan provides 10 or more business accounts. Extra accounts and team members can be included for $19 and $20 monthly, respectively.

All plans include a 5-day free trial or 10k tokens. 

Tool Website: 


2. GrowthBar


GrowthBar is an amazing SEO tool with artificial intelligence (AI) that was created keeping marketers in mind. It automates content creation using GPT-3 AI. This software provides several tools customers can use to rank and optimise their websites. It is a fantastic choice for individuals searching for a complete answer to their SEO demands.

Best features of GrowthBar:

  • Ability to recommend keywords, certain word counts, links, photos, and more.
  • Offers comprehensive backlinking and builds outstanding blogging content ideas for superior blogs.
  • A Chrome add-on is accessible.
  • By producing lengthy material, GrowthBar's sophisticated AI reduces the time and effort required for content creation.
  • Provides an AI Blog Overview feature that allows users to build properly organised summaries and outlines for their blogs.
  • GrowthBar offers a tool for on-page SEO audits. This function examines the user's website and offers an in-depth analysis of problems that should be repaired.
  • Features a Blog Topic Generator, Keyword Ranking, and Keyword Research Tool.
  • Provides competitive analysis, which allows customers to investigate their rivals' SEO strategies.


GrowthBar offers a free trial for 14 days.

Standard: The plan costs $48 per month. It is best suited for individuals and bloggers that require some assistance on a low budget. This plan includes 25 blog articles or audits per month with many more features.

Pro: Plan costs $99 per month. It allows you to create 100 blog articles or audits per month, along with many more advantages.

Agency: The plan costs $199 per month. It allows you to generate 300 blog articles or monthly audits with a lot more.

Tool Website: 


3. Brandwatch


  • Brandwatch is a renowned and powerful tool for gathering consumer intelligence. The software has been offering brands a behind-the-scenes look at what the public says about them. It is considered one of the best AI marketing tools. Brandwatch provides two key services: consumer insight and social media management.
  • Best Features of Brandwatch:
  • Enables firms to monitor public opinions and equip them with the knowledge necessary to react.
  • Provides in-depth market research and brand management.
  • Offers content and influencer marketing strategies.
  • Ability to check numerous sources in addition to just social media.
  • A stunning amount of data produces insightful conclusions.
  • The astounding capacity of data visualisation to quickly summarise the numbers.
  • Offers competitive analysis, trend spotting, and crisis management.
  • Includes an Alerts feature that allows you to control whatever can be notified.
  • Brandwatch's consumer intelligence system provides special add-on products, including Vizia, Reviews, and Influence.


Brandwatch provides a variety of service subscriptions. Custom plans are available on request. 

Consumer Intelligence: Best suited for analysts and researchers who want to efficiently analyse and decipher massive internet discussions and produce insightful findings. 

Social Media Management: A package of social media tools for managers of social media who need one platform to handle all the channels.

Influencer Marketing: This plan is for influencer marketers and combines Consumer Intelligence, and Social Media Management plans tailored to your business. 

Tool website: 


4. Beacons AI


  • The Beacon's AI Outreach tool is more than just a ground-breaking tool. It aspires to change the field of brand outreach for artists by fusing technology and enthusiasm. This tool has a specific goal of redefining marketing efforts for creators.
  • Best Features of Beacons AI:
  • With the help of technology, designers can quickly and easily create personalised and persuasive pitch emails to brands.
  • The AI engine instantly creates a tailored and polished pitch once you choose a company, the tone, and email length.
  • One of its noteworthy features is the Brands Database, a sizable resource that enables outreach to any company a creative might wish to pitch to.
  • Ensures that each pitch accurately reflects its author.
  • Allows integration of SMS and email using Zapier.
  • Includes a user-friendly interface and offers high-calibre content produced by AI.
  • Provides sophisticated analysis with priority assistance.

Costing: The AI Outreach Tool is a feature of Beacon's Link in Bio Pro plan, which costs $10 per month. 

Tool Website: 


5. MarketMuse


MarketMuse is an AI tool intended for use by companies that require assistance in creating optimised lengthy content. Emails, landing sites, sales letters, and articles are all provided by MarketMuse. It is among the well-liked AI marketing tools. 

Best Features of MarketMuse:

  • Deep AI is first conducted to learn more about the subject; then, it generates a first draught based on the subject.
  • KPIs and an overview of the material that serves as a guide are also included.
  • Offers visualisation of data and SEO rank monitoring.
  • Utilising the built-in editor, users can keep modifying the copy to conform to the AI's recommendations.
  • Helps in providing competitive research along with grouping/categorisation.


MarketMuse offers three and a free plan and has much to offer.

Free: Offers a 7-day free Standard Trial. This free plan is best for those who produce only a little stuff. No credit card is necessary. It includes a limited page level, one user, 10 monthly queries, limited SERP X-ray results, and limited topic navigator results.

Standard: Priced at $149 per month. It is best suited for individuals who upload content regularly. Helps in the optimisation process.

Team: Priced at $399 per month. It is best suited for groups and agencies. Allows you to collaborate with your team quicker with content insights. 

Premium: Best for large groups. Provides advanced features and personalised data. The cost is custom-made. 

Tool Website: 



AI marketing tools can work wonders for you and your company. They help in leveraging your marketing skills and helping in extreme growth. These AI tools can assist you in reaching a wider audience and engaging with them. They offer powerful features with amazing insights. AI marketing tools may perform best to upscale your business and make amazing profits.


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