Best AI Question Generator Tools

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Best 5 AI Question Generator Tools

Let us have a look at the Best 5 AI question generator tools.

1. PrepAI



Educators and professionals may produce test questions more effectively with PrepAI, an AI question generator. PrepAI differs from other test creation platforms in that it can scrape content from Wikipedia, which is one of its unique features. It has a number of features and functions, such as the capacity to take in inputs in several file types, including Word documents, PDFs, YouTube videos, video files, and Wikipedia articles.

Best Features: 

  • This AI tool enables users to create several question types, such as Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs), Fill-in-the-Blank, Descriptive, True/False, and Statement-Based Questions. 

  • Additionally, users can adjust the questions' degree of difficulty, selecting from easy, medium, and hard options to make sure the information is appropriate for the target audience.

  • The AI question generator increases the efficiency of the question-creation process by minimizing human bias and inaccuracy. Modern algorithms enable it to be continuously improved while being reasonably priced.

  • Teachers and educators can simplify their test preparation process by utilizing PrepAI's extensive capabilities. 

  • Unwanted questions can be eliminated, and each generated question can be modified and scored separately. 

  • Before completing the test, users can save and preview it. Once completed, the test can be exported in a number of formats, including PDF, MS Excel, and MS Docx. 

  • Furthermore, the platform provides a feature called Test Conduction that enables tests to be run directly on the platform.

  • By allowing users to generate questions based on Bloom's Taxonomy categories, PrepAI helps students develop higher-order thinking skills. 

  • The created questions serve as a gauge of students' knowledge retention, understanding, application, analytical thinking, creativity, and critical thinking abilities.

  • In addition, PrepAI offers white-label and API services. Users can test out its features with a free trial. 

  • Being able to generate questions from text using AI and machine learning algorithms makes it an invaluable resource for EdTech experts, academics, teachers, and students alike.

Try Prep AI

Costing: PrepAI provides a 15-day trial along with two other plans:

Subscription Plan: $24.99 per month when billed monthly.

Lifetime Plan: $499.99 for lifetime.

2. Questgen



Using cutting-edge AI tools like GPT-3 and natural language processing, Questgen generates exam questions for a variety of uses. It makes creating test questions easy and serves publishers, HR departments, schools, and EdTech businesses. Questgen can generate many types of questions, such as many Choice Questions (MCQ), True/False, Fill in the Blanks, and Open-Ended Q&As, with just a few words of text input. It is a unique AI quiz generator that provides outstanding question quality and streamlines the question development process. 

Best Features: 

  • Questgen's customization capabilities are one of its standout qualities. The created quiz is entirely customizable by users, who can quickly alter it to suit their own requirements. 

  • Whether it's modifying the quiz's structure or adding graphics or text excerpts pertinent to the submitted material, Questgen guarantees complete user delight.

  • Questgen's open-source library is accessible on GitHub for developers, and its technology is based on AI research.

  • Teachers, educational institutions, human resources departments, and textbook publishing businesses can all benefit from this AI technology since it expedites the assessment development process, which reduces expenses and saves time.

  • Users can also construct exams and quizzes with Questgen's limited input word count free trial option. Paid versions are available for larger usage, and consumers can get more information by getting in touch with the support staff.

  • It can even create FAQs from the input content and export questions in JSON or plain text format. Because of its user-friendliness, the site is appropriate for both educators and learners seeking out self-practice tests.

  • Simple to use; all it takes to create questions is text input. Word or PDF export choices are also available.

Try Questgen 

Costing: Questgen has two plans: a feature-limited free plan and a $15/month pro plan that accommodates various customer requirements. Questgen also provides a limited word count-free trial.

3. Quillionz



Quillionz is an innovative AI-powered platform that addresses the problems of the information overload era by allowing users to create questions, quizzes, and notes. It makes use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to generate evaluation content quickly and with high quality. 

Best Features: 

  • Multiple-choice, recall, and brief descriptive questions are just a few of the questions that Quillionz may create. This variety makes thorough evaluations possible.

  • Quillionz Pro is a premium version of Quillionz that can produce Wh-questions and provides better question quality faster. 

  • Users are able to select and improve the questions based on their own requirements, making sure the information is precisely in line with their learning goals.

  • To learn more about its features, a free edition and a free trial are also offered.

  • Additionally, it makes it easier to post questions to learning management systems (LMS) and print exams by enabling the export of questions in a variety of formats. It is a useful tool for educational institutions because of this capability.

  • To improve interaction, Quillionz permits the addition of audio, video, and photos to survey questionnaires.

  • There are only five easy steps involved in creating questions and tests. Users can copy their information, add keywords, examine the AI's recommendations, personalize the questions, and export the results in a number of formats, including flashcards.

  • Quillionz uses artificial intelligence in its educational technology to generate a variety of question formats, which guarantees the gathering of precise statistical information. This function enhances the survey experience by enabling respondents to react to pertinent questions.

  • You can enter text directly into Quillionz by copying and pasting it from PDF files, YouTube URLs (if transcripts are available), or other formats. 

  • Quillionz provides a range of question types, including true/false, open-ended, and fill-in-the-gaps questions, in addition to multiple-choice ones. Users can customize their experience by adding their own keywords or choosing appropriate ones from suggested lists.

  • The caliber of the input text affects how accurate AI-generated queries are. Quillionz asks users to rewrite difficult or ambiguous passages in order to enhance the quality of the questions that are created.

  • Quillionz does not offer insights, analytics, proctoring, security features, or multimedia attachments for online quizzes; instead, it concentrates on question generation and content production.

  • In conclusion, Quillionz is an AI-driven platform that makes the process of formulating questions, tests, and teaching notes more efficient. It is an invaluable tool for instructors and students looking for effective and adaptable assessment materials because of its user-friendly design and integration possibilities.

Try Quillionz 

Costing: Quillionz is affordable for a variety of consumers, with a monthly starting price of $14.99. 

4. Quizlet



Quizlet is an adaptable review tool made to boost students' confidence in their ability to learn a variety of subjects. It provides access to a sizable collection of pre-made study sets that teachers and other students have created, covering thousands of topics. Quizlet also gives teachers and students the ability to design personalized study plans. Quizlet gives educators a way to support each student's self-assurance in learning and participation in the classroom. 

Best Features: 

  • With a variety of review options, such as timed games, adaptive questions, flashcards, and practice exams, this platform simplifies the learning process. 

  • One prominent aspect of Quizlet is its 'explanations' section, which provides expert-authored and validated step-by-step techniques for completing problems in 64 different areas. 

  • Quizlet is a smartphone app that helps with individual practice and group learning at home, at school, or on the go. It has been scientifically proven to increase recall.

  • With native apps available for iOS and Android, Quizlet's web-based platform gives students the freedom to learn and study at any time, anywhere. Instructors gain from an extensive selection of engaging educational games and activities that reinforce students' comprehension of the curriculum.

  • Additionally, Quizlet gamifies the educational process by acting as a fun online teaching resource and a teacher's flashcard solution. 

  • It also offers a variety of study packs, classroom activities, and educational resources.

  • Pupils can study on their own schedule or participate in Quizlet Live, which encourages a fun competition among classmates. 

  • Instructors can simply track their students' progress to determine what needs further teaching or improvement.

  • Teachers have the option of choosing study material sets from Quizlet's content catalog, customizing them to fit their curriculum, or creating their own sets from scratch with unique terminology, graphics, and audio. 

  • Quizlet now lets teachers create classrooms using Google Classroom accounts and distribute sets via Microsoft Teams.

  • Quizlet Live prioritizes accuracy over reaction speed and provides both solo and group play modes. In team mode, students work together to overcome the task because no one knows all the answers. 

  • It makes it simple to stay motivated by acknowledging each learning milestone as an accomplishment. 

  • With its free study sets, several study modes, and in-class games, it promotes a more engaged and participatory learning environment. 

  • Teachers and students who want to buy the ad-free software in bulk can get group discounts. 

  • Quizlet has an intelligent grading system and covers a wide range of topics, such as science, math, and languages. 

  • The AI question generator is well-liked for online learning because of its artificial intelligence (AI) technology, which generates quiz questions and uses machine learning algorithms to develop questions that particularly test different topics.

Try Quizlet 

Costing: Quizlet has a premium version called Quizlet Plus that is only available to educators. With Quizlet Plus, users may customize exams and play educational games with real-time interaction.
Quizlet Plus can be accessed offline and provides a free 30-day trial.

5. EdApp



EdApp is a mobile-first learning platform that uses AI to produce a variety of quiz questions, including multiple-choice, image and audio-based questions. By customizing questions according to students' performance, AI technology offers individualized learning opportunities. Businesses all over the world use this free cloud-based mobile learning management system.

Best Features: 

  • A free, editable content library with top-notch courseware, an integrated authoring tool for generating interactive microlessons, and a robust Canva integration for personalizing lessons with images and graphics are just a few of the features. 

  • With EdApp's PowerPoint conversion tool, outdated PPT training slides may be converted into engaging, contemporary courses. 

  • EdApp provides real-time pricing, gamification, user group administration, personalized push alerts, peer and social learning for team engagement, and comprehensive analytics and progress monitoring. 

  • Google's Machine Learning Cloud Translation Engine makes simple course translation into more than 100 languages possible.

  • As a proud partner of the UN, offering free access to an extensive course library, it's free for teams of any size. 

  • It combines with other learning management systems with ease.

  • With tools like microlearning, gamification, spaced repetition, AI translation, and AI course development, EdApp aims to enable learning for everybody. 

  • Additionally, educators can evaluate employees' and students' knowledge retention using a variety of question types with the online quiz creator Rapid Refresh, which is accessible on EdApp. 

  • Leaderboards are automatically updated, and quizzes in many languages can be translated via the cloud. 

  • Every day, students in more than 100 languages and 90 countries study over 80,000 lessons.

  • Instructors can get analytical information on student performance by registering for free. EdApp allows third-party integrations and is compatible with the majority of devices.

Try EdApp 

Costing: Offers a free plan. Paid plans begin from $2.95 per month.


In conclusion, the field of assessment and learning is changing as a result of the use of AI question generators in education. PrepAI distinguishes itself with a variety of inquiry forms and content scraping features. With its great degree of flexibility and open-source accessibility, Questgen is driven by GPT-3. Quillionz is impressive in how quickly it can generate material and integrate it. Quizlet is an adaptable review tool with questions generated by artificial intelligence. AI is used by EdApp, a mobile-first solution, to create individualized learning experiences. Every tool has a distinct purpose, ranging from content scraping to customisation and mobile learning, and together they advance the field of educational technology. These AI question generators are excellent tools for both teachers and students due to their wide range of features and affordable solutions. To find out more about AI tools, visit Before you leave, don’t forget to check out the best AI ethical hacking tools. You may also like the best AI camera apps on our blog.

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