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What is an AI Business Plan Generator?

A software application that uses artificial intelligence to improve and expedite the process of creating a business plan is known as an AI business plan generator. These platforms include intuitive user interfaces that walk users through the process of creating plans and gathering crucial business information. Based on the data supplied, they create personalised templates using AI algorithms.

These instruments' capacity for data analysis is a major asset. They are able to process data from various sources and use machine learning and natural language processing to find patterns and insights. This increases the accuracy of the strategy and allows them to provide data-driven recommendations.

AI generators are useful for financial estimates, which are an essential component of business strategy. Their precise revenue forecasts, spending estimations, and cash flow analysis are produced by utilising historical data, industry trends, and benchmarks. Additionally, by recognising opportunities, threats, vulnerabilities, and strengths, AI generators support strategic planning. They offer perceptions into target markets, growth tactics, and competitive advantages.

Essentially, AI business plan generators give precise financial estimates, data-driven insights, time savings, and tailored strategic advice. These advantages enable company owners and entrepreneurs to craft captivating business plans that draw in investors, which speeds up the process of obtaining capital and ensuring the success of their ventures.

Why Should We Use an AI Business Plan Generator?

There are many reasons for business owners to use AI business plan generators:

Efficiency: By automating time-consuming processes, artificial intelligence (AI) accelerates the business planning process and frees teams to focus on strategy and decision-making.

Accuracy: Artificial intelligence reduces human error in data analysis and computations, leading to more accurate financial projections and forecasts.

Personalization: AI generates customised recommendations by adapting business plans to particular markets, industries, and goals.

Customer Behaviour: AI's predictive skills allow organisations to make proactive plan adjustments by predicting customer behaviour and market changes.

Competitive advantage: AI gives companies the ability to make data-driven, well-informed decisions, which gives them a market advantage.

Time Savings: By automating data collection, analysis, and financial projections, AI generators greatly accelerate the process of creating business plans.

Data-Driven Insights: These technologies lower the possibility of errors by offering more precise market analysis and financial estimates.

Advice: AI generators frequently come with templates and instructions to help people who are not as experienced in company planning.

Best 5 AI Business Plan Generator Tools

Revealing the Best 5 AI Business Plan Generator Tools

1. LivePlan

LivePlan AI business plan generator


In the world of business plan generators, LivePlan has built a solid reputation thanks to its feature-rich feature set and intuitive interface, which appeal to both new and seasoned business owners.

Best Features of LivePlan:

  • Whether you're running a small startup or a larger organisation, it offers a plethora of tools, such as financial forecasts, market analysis, and easily customizable business plan templates together with an intuitive design that makes the process of generating, updating, and sharing plans simple. 

  • Whether they are launching a new enterprise, looking for finance, or hoping to expand an existing business, LivePlan gives entrepreneurs and small business owners the tools they need to draft expert business plans.

  • The user-friendly interface of LivePlan makes sure that every important component of a well-organised business plan is covered by guiding users step-by-step through the full business planning process. 

  • Users are prompted to provide important data, including marketing strategy, target market analysis, competitor analysis, and corporate facts.

  • Users of the platform can generate comprehensive financial forecasts for their firms, including profit and loss accounts, cash flow statements, expense budgets, and sales forecasts. To help you understand your financial forecast, LivePlan takes your business data and assumptions and turns them into visually appealing charts, graphs, and reports.

  • A real-time dashboard is provided by LivePlan for tracking important company indicators and keeping tabs on developments. Setting goals, documenting accomplishments, and contrasting actual outcomes with projected goals allow users to receive a comprehensive picture of how well a firm is performing.

  • With the use of LivePlan's team collaboration tools, stakeholders, consultants, and team members may work together on financial estimates and business plans. 

  • Alignment with corporate objectives and productive teamwork are facilitated by real-time feedback and change monitoring.

  • Extra Resources: In addition to its basic capabilities, LivePlan offers its users industry standards, sample business plans, and professional video training to help them hone their business strategies and increase their chances of success.

  • Despite having an easy-to-use interface and a full toolkit, LivePlan is a paid programme, so prospective customers, especially those in startup or low-budget situations, may want to take the pricing structure into account. 

  • For people who want to construct a professional business plan, evaluate financial estimates, track progress, interact successfully, and access useful resources to maximise their business strategy, LivePlan's capabilities may, however, be more beneficial and advantageous than the money spent.

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LivePlan pricing

LivePlan offers two plans that include the following:

Standard: Priced at $15 per month when billed annually and $20 per month when monthly.

Premium: Priced at $30 per month when billed annually and $20 per month for your first month.

2. Bizplan

Bizplan AI business plan generator


Utilising artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities, Bizplan is a cutting-edge online tool for financial analysis and business planning that makes the planning process easier for small and startup companies. A plethora of options, such as written plans, investor presentation decks, and financial estimates, are available to help create detailed company plans. The following are some salient characteristics and features of Bizplan:

Best Features of Bizplan:

  • User-Friendly Interface: Users may easily structure their company plans with Bizplan's drag-and-drop plan editor. The many elements of the strategy are easily organised with the help of this visual canvas.

  • AI-Powered Suggestions: As you write the material for your strategy, Bizplan offers examples and recommendations produced by AI. This feature aids in making sure your plan is thorough and well-rounded.

  • Automated Financial Forecasts: Bizplan creates forecasted financial statements and graphs based on your business model with very little data entry. This increases accessibility to financial planning, especially for people with less financial knowledge.

  • Investor Pitch Deck Tool: Bizplan provides a pitch deck tool that you can personalise by choosing pertinent slides and entering specific information about your firm. This tool simplifies the process of creating a polished pitch deck, which facilitates the presentation of your company to possible investors.

  • Collaboration Features: Teams can collaborate on business plans using Bizplan's collaboration features. Collaborative planning is encouraged by team members' ability to annotate, comment on, and share plan draughts.

  • Progress tracking: By showing plan update activity and milestone completion, a progress dashboard helps users stay on course. 

  • This function aids in maintaining the productivity and organisation of the planning process.

  • Community Engagement: Through Fundable, Bizplan customers are linked to an international network of entrepreneurs with whom they may exchange ideas and solicit comments. This community component gives the planning process an important new angle.

  • Features Particular to Each Industry: Bizplan provides tailored features for a range of industries, including manufacturing, banking, healthcare, and IT services. This personalization guarantees that the requirements of your particular sector are met by your business plan.

  • Support and Compatibility: Because Bizplan is cloud-based, it can be accessed from a variety of platforms and devices, including desktop, laptop, Windows, Mac, Android, and Apple. Comprehensive support for the product is also included, including phone support, online support, and round-the-clock agents. 

  • For easy use, users can access written manuals and video tutorials as training resources.

  • With stringent access controls, industry-standard encryption, and data protection regulations, the platform places a high priority on security.

  • To meet a range of business needs, Bizplan provides multiple subscription choices, such as Bizplan Standard and Bizplan Pro. The annual subscription-based pricing plan varies in price according to the services selected and the size of the business. For further and current price information, please visit the vendor's website or get in touch with directly.

  • Apart from its fundamental elements for company planning, Bizplan also offers instructional materials and grants access to Fundable, an internet-based fundraising platform that boasts an extensive network of certified investors. 

  • This integrated strategy facilitates the creation of thorough business plans and efficient connections with possible investors for startups and small businesses.

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Bizplan priicng

3. Upmetrics

Upmetrics AI business plan generator


Upmetrics is a novel software for creating business plans that uses artificial intelligence to transform the process. It makes the process of creating business plans easier, which helps entrepreneurs and small business owners succeed. It's never been simpler to write a business plan than with Upmetrics AI Assistant. With a variety of features like text generation, content rewriting, length modification, and tone modification, this tool makes sure your plan is customised to meet your demands.

Best Features of Upmetrics:

  • Upmetrics is a complete business planning toolbox that offers access to over 400 sample business plans and step-by-step instructions. Collaboration, canvas modelling, and financial forecasting are also supported. 

  • With its customizable business plan templates, this cloud-based software makes it easier to create investor-ready plans with precise financial estimates. 

  • Business model canvases allow you to be creative as well. You may track your progress, collaborate with team members, and share your strategy with investors and colleagues with ease. 

  • Upmetrics offers versatility to fit your needs since it is accessible as desktop software and as an online SaaS.

  • Upmetrics is unique in that it combines finance details, market research insights, and AI-powered company planning tools to enhance your strategy. It is regarded as one of the top AI business plan generators for 2023 and provides startup founders with a guided process. 

  • Together with adjustable structure and table of contents, AI-generated financial predictions, built-in feedback chat, plan analytics, and Google Drive integration, it has a collaborative business plan editor. 

  • In order to create anticipated financial statements specifically for your company, you may also upload important financial data.

  • In conclusion, Upmetrics is a cutting-edge platform that provides information and tools for AI-driven business planning to entrepreneurs. It facilitates teamwork, expedites the planning process, and provides strong tools for crafting organised business plans that win over lenders and investors.

  • Writing a business plan is now simpler and more effective than ever thanks to Upmetrics AI Assistant, which also provides a variety of editable sample plans, video training, and advice to help you stay on course.

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Upmetrics pricing

Upmetrics offers two plans that include the following:

Starter: Priced at $7 per month when billed annually and $9 per month when monthly.

Premium: Priced at $14 per month when billed annually and $19 per month when billed monthly.

4. PlanGuru

PlanGuru AI business plan generator


With a strong emphasis on offering startups and enterprises precise financial estimates and insights, PlanGuru is a powerful platform for financial planning and analysis. This is a particularly useful tool for startups navigating the ever-changing business environment, where success depends critically on having clear financial statements.

Best Features of PlanGuru:

  • PlanGuru LLC is a New Paltz, NY-based company that was founded in 1998 and provides advanced budgeting and business planning software. This programme is specifically designed for medium-sized and larger enterprises, with a focus on sectors such as manufacturing, healthcare, and finance. 

  • It comes in multiple versions that support cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment choices. Some of its capabilities include financial analysis, forecasting, and budgeting.

  • Extensive Financial Analytics: To facilitate data-driven strategic decision-making, PlanGuru offers extensive financial insights.

  • Easy-to-use Budgeting Tools: By streamlining the process of creating and keeping track of budgets, these tools save time and effort.

  • Robust Reporting: PlanGuru provides tailored reports that provide a transparent picture of the financial health of your company and help you make well-informed decisions.

  • Time-Saving Automation: By automating intricate financial procedures, the software frees up critical time for tactical endeavours.

  • Better Strategic Planning: PlanGuru makes it easier to plan strategically, manage resources wisely, and stay in charge of your company objectives by streamlining financial analytics and providing comprehensive insights.

  • PlanGuru provides round-the-clock phone and online help for both Mac and Windows operating systems. To make sure the onboarding process goes smoothly, they offer training materials including videos and tutorials. 

  • The software uses encryption and verified access control techniques to handle security issues as well.

  • Popular accounting programmes like QuickBooks, Xero, and Excel are easily integrated with PlanGuru, allowing companies that use these programmes to make the switchover more smoothly.

  • PlanGuru has three versions of its pricing structure: Advanced, Professional, and Enterprise. Each version has different features and price ranges. Contacting the provider will yield detailed pricing information. The Advanced version is available for $99 per month. Customers can choose the best bundle with the help of their customer service.

  • In conclusion, PlanGuru is a complete financial planning and analysis tool that enables companies of all sizes, including startups, to produce thorough financial reports, expedite budgeting procedures, and make well-informed strategic decisions. 

  • It is an affordable alternative for companies of all sizes and sectors thanks to its adaptable price plans. 

  • The software's operational advantages include its user-friendly interface, automation features, and compatibility with common accounting software. 

  • It is an effective instrument for attaining success and financial clarity in the cutthroat corporate world of today.

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PlanGuru pricing

PlanGuru offers two plans for businesses that include the following:

Single Entity: Priced at $83 per month when billed annually and $99 per month when monthly.

Multi-Department Consolidations: Priced at $250 per month when billed annually and $299 per month when monthly.

5. Wise Business Plans

Wise Business Plans AI business plan generator


The software's operational advantages include its user-friendly interface, automation features, and compatibility with common accounting software. It is an effective instrument for attaining success and financial clarity in the cutthroat corporate world of today.

Best Features of Wise Business Plans:

  • Since 1999, Wise Business Plans has dominated the market for business plans. To produce unique business plans for their clients, they work with seasoned MBA writers, researchers, financial modellers, and design specialists. 

  • These strategies are based on data supplied by the client and are customised to meet their needs. Provides support in a range of areas related to launching and expanding a business.

  • Focuses on assisting fledgling companies in establishing finance.

  • Provides assistance for forming businesses.

  • For some people, the costs of Wise Business Plans may be a bit excessive. A thorough examination of the market and growth trends is necessary before the plans are finalised.

  • With the support of researchers and financial professionals, each writer at Wise Business Plans possesses an MBA and works closely with specific clients. 

  • One significant benefit that is emphasised is direct communication between clients and the writers they have been assigned. 

  • They help startups create comprehensive and compelling business plans with the help of a team of qualified writers and advisors. These plans are crucial tools and road maps for obtaining capital and worthwhile alliances.

Try Wise Business Plans

Costing: Cost and the breadth of study and analysis incorporated in the plan are balanced in wise business plans. They serve customers from different industries, guaranteeing a prompt response and providing extra services as required. After several revisions, the client finally approves each plan. While basic plans start at $1,800, the cost of more comprehensive plans for startups or those looking for funding may reach $5,000, depending on the level of intricacy and research needed.


To sum up, AI business plan generators present a revolutionary method for business planning in 2023. They use cutting-edge AI technology and algorithms to expedite the procedure and provide data-driven insights, accuracy, and efficiency. These products, which include PlanGuru, LivePlan, Bizplan, Upmetrics, and Wise Business Plans, are designed to meet the demands of a broad spectrum of businesses, from start-ups to major corporations. They make business planning accessible to anyone by offering features like user-friendly interfaces, automatic financial predictions, and collaboration possibilities. The advantages of these AI-powered generators, such as time savings and customised strategies, outweigh the potential expenses and make them indispensable tools for entrepreneurs and business owners in the cutthroat market of today. To find out more about AI tools, visit You may also check out the best AI Lead Generation Tools and the best AI Ecommerce Tools on our blog.

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