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What is an AI Camera App?

A specialized app for Android and iOS smartphones, an AI camera app uses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to transform the shooting experience. These apps use sophisticated algorithms to automatically adjust exposure, focus, white balance, and other critical parameters to improve photo quality and produce the best possible images under different lighting circumstances.

The ability of AI camera apps to simulate the features of expensive cameras through clever processing is one of its distinguishing features. HDR+ technology, for example, makes it possible to take several quick photos and then use AI software to automatically align and combine them. This eliminates any camera shake-related blurring, producing clear, polished photos.

Beyond simple improvements, AI camera apps use algorithms to evaluate situations and identify items, people, and landscapes. Then, with this data, appropriate filters can be applied, lighting can be improved, or ideal shooting angles can be suggested. Certain applications beyond traditional photography by integrating word recognition, augmented reality effects, and real-time translation, providing users with inventive methods to engage with their environment.

For consumers looking to capture excellent images without diving into the intricacies of conventional shooting techniques, AI camera apps are revolutionary. Prior to taking a picture or starting a video, these programs automatically adjust background and lighting conditions. These apps, which focus on machine learning, are excellent in many areas, such as color profile enhancement, face recognition, smoothing skin, edge detection, filtering, erasing, blurring, and more.

Numerous AI Camera Apps are available in the Android and iOS app stores, all claiming to be able to turn common photos and movies into eye-catching pieces of art. The greatest of them combine manual controls with AI-driven automated modes to give users creative freedom with the advantage of the app's recommended settings and retouches.

Best 5 AI Camera Apps

Let us unleash the best 5 AI Camera Apps now!

1. Focos


A state-of-the-art AI camera app for Android and iOS devices is called Focos. Its innovative features take smartphone photography to a new level, making it ideal for individuals who are passionate about the medium. Using AI-perfected depth mapping and autofocus, this AI camera app makes sure your subjects pop with accuracy. Your photos gain a touch of refinement with the app's refined bokeh effect, which mimics magazine-quality images.

Best Features:

  • Focos offers editing and beautifying features specifically designed to improve your images for individuals who enjoy lifestyle product photography. 

  • You can refocus subjects after taking pictures thanks to the app's AI features, which also include a realistic bokeh effect and depth map technology.

  • Focos gives you control over the size, shape, and bokeh of your aperture, much like a DSLR does. 

  • Its computational photography technology allows for an infinite number of photo edits, including post-capture focus adjustments and frequent aperture changes.

  • Focos has a free version with restrictions even with its robust capabilities. Consider the Focos Pro subscription, which costs $3.99 per week, $1.99 per month, or $7.99 per year, for unlimited access. For $12.99, there is an alternative that offers Lifetime Unlimited Access.

  • For photographers and multimedia creators, the app is an excellent option because of its extensive editing toolbox and user-friendly design. 

  • Using expert lens simulations or imitating Apple's portrait mode on Android, Focos gives users the ability to capture flawless images.

  • Focos lets you modify photos exactly as needed, which is especially helpful when you're working under pressure to perfect a photograph. Depth-of-field control and professionally-looking bokeh are ensured by its AI-powered autofocus and depth map technology.

  • Focos stands out for its realistic bokeh, depth data adjustment, and 3D space mapping if you're looking for an AI camera app with a variety of capabilities. 

  • For photographers, the software is a useful tool since it can mimic professional lenses and give them control over photographs after they are taken.

  • With precise depth-of-field control, Focos produces bokeh effects that are on par with expert work. With the app's AI engine, depth of field can be automatically calculated, allowing for huge aperture simulations and genuine 3D imaging.

  • With just a swipe, you can use Focos to refocus portrait shots, import previously taken images, and adjust bokeh effects. 

  • For distinct features, the software provides expert lens simulations and a range of aperture diaphragms for bokeh spot effects.

  • By enabling users to apply depth filters, see depth in a 3D view, and combine numerous lighting in a 3D area, Focos goes beyond standard photo editing tools. Checking out portrait photos in the actual world is made possible using augmented reality techniques.

  • To summarize, Focos is a feature-rich AI camera application that elevates computational photography to a new level. With capabilities that give endless creative possibilities for taking and processing photographs, it appeals to both pros and enthusiasts.

2. Spectre Camera


Spectre Camera is a cutting-edge AI camera app that is highly recommended for long-exposure photography on iOS. Spectre, which costs $4.99 as a one-time charge, has special capabilities including real-time scene identification for automated changes and AI stabilization for exact images.

Best Features:

  • With its ability to eliminate distracting features like crowds and intelligently adjust exposure, Spectre's AI technology makes it possible to take beautiful long exposure photos without the use of a tripod. 

  • The computational shutter of the software takes numerous pictures, giving users the option to select the best one or store it as a video clip.

  • Spectre's versatility comes into its own at night, allowing users to paint with light or create captivating light trails. 

  • With its combination of sophisticated manual controls and automatic modes, the app's user-friendly interface accommodates both novices and experts.

  • The app's ability to record the full exposure process as a Live Photo is noteworthy because it adds movement to your pictures. Spectre's depth control makes it easier to take portraits with background blur that seem professional, and its 3D photo capability gives photos a special touch.

  • Though Spectre costs $4.99, its unique features like tripod detection, live photo exposure, and interaction with Siri & Shortcuts make it an excellent option for people looking for great AI-powered long-exposure photography on their iPhones.

  • With the help of the AI camera app Spectre, users can effortlessly take long exposure photos with amazing outcomes, going beyond the limits of traditional smartphone photography. 

  • For a one-time fee of $4.99, Spectre's artificial intelligence technology can identify scenarios, modify settings, and eliminate undesired elements, resulting in a simple and expert photographic experience.

  • Spectre is excellent at producing light trails and capturing the spirit of unique settings, making it ideal for night photography or clearing out crowds from popular tourist spots. The live photo feature of the app allows users to relive the event by preserving the full exposure process and adding a dynamic aspect.

  • Spectre is the recommended option for individuals wishing to experiment with the imaginative potential of artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled long-exposure photography on their iPhones, thanks to its sophisticated capabilities and intuitive controls.

  • Spectre's cutting-edge features, which include intelligent exposure, scene recognition, and AI stabilization, guarantee accuracy and detail in every picture.

  • Photographers can use Spectre's computational shutter technology and live photo capabilities to capture stunning light trails at night or to capture famous sites without drawing attention from onlookers. 

  • With its user-friendly layout that caters to both novices and experts, the app offers both automated and manual settings for a customized shooting experience.

  • With Spectre, you may share your shots as a still image, a video, or both. This dynamic aspect is added to your images by allowing you to store the full exposure process as a Live Photo. Without requiring a DSLR, Spectre offers an immersive AI camera app experience that produces amazing outcomes.

3. Blurize


Blurize is one of the best AI camera apps available today, with a wide variety of effects and filters. Discover the sophistication and ingenuity of Blurize, where artificial intelligence (AI) combines with creative flare to give your photos a unique and captivating look. This software is great at recognizing and boosting particular aspects in your photos, such skin tones and lighting, thanks to its AI-powered algorithms. Its extensive feature set and easy-to-use interface make it the perfect option for anyone, regardless of experience level, to personalize photographs to their liking.

Best Features:

  • Blurize, created especially for the iPhone and iPad, is an expert at creating the alluring bokeh effect using a variety of expert blurring techniques. 

  • Its lightweight design and simple operation appeal to those who want a smooth experience when applying several blurring options and custom filters. 

  • For individualized picture modifications, the app also permits manual camera setting tweaks.

  • Blurize's automatic subject and background identification makes editing easier and is one of its main advantages. 

  • The customizable blur settings and one-click bokeh effect make it a versatile AI camera app for capturing portraits in a variety of styles.

  • Pricing-wise, Blurize provides a free edition with all the functionality you need, or you can upgrade to Blurize Pro for $3.99. The Pro edition opens up new features that give customers a better experience when it comes to applying different blur effects like Gaussian, Motion, and Zoom blurs and isolating subjects from their backgrounds.

  • By creatively fusing AI technology with artistic expression, Blurize has raised the bar for mobile photography. 

  • Through the app's clever scene and topic recognition, users may selectively blur or focus on particular parts in their images. 

  • Blurize stands out for its easy-to-use interface and creative filters, which can be used by both casual and enthusiast photographers to create visually spectacular compositions. 

4. Photoshop Camera


With the help of strong artificial intelligence (AI), Adobe's Photoshop Camera app may improve your iPhone photographs. The program easily alters your images, whether you use post-capture or real-time filtering. Users without any prior Photoshop knowledge can now access editing capabilities thanks to the integration with Lightroom and Adobe Creative Cloud. When you first activate the app, you may focus and change exposure with a few taps and swipes on the user-friendly interface. Categorized by type, the "lenses," which are effectively filters, provide an abundance of imaginative possibilities. Although Sensei, the app's AI, makes things easier for non-technical users, serious mobile photographers could find the UI confusing.

Best Features:

  • With its unique blend of filters and effects and AI capability, Adobe Photoshop Camera is made for everyone who can take pictures with their phone. By automatically modifying photographs based on parameters like dynamic range and tonality, the software seeks to make photo editing simpler. 

  • Additionally, users have the option to manually adjust details, providing greater editing versatility. The app also intends to enhance its artistic capabilities by adding artist-curated lenses.

  • With its Lens Library, camera settings, and access to a range of real camera lenses, Photoshop Camera's UI is a welcome breath of fresh air. 

  • With more than 80 unique filters, such as Studio Light, Portrait, and others. 

  • The program guarantees a flawless Photoshop effect application experience. The AI-powered editing improves the overall quality of your photographs by removing harsh shadows and optimizing lighting. 

  • Through the use of personalized glasses, the app lets users see the world through the eyes of their favorite creators, which inspires innovation.

  • The features of Adobe Photoshop Camera go beyond those of ordinary photo editing software. It removes the need for laborious manual editing by applying modifications in the viewfinder automatically based on a variety of factors. 

  • The app caters to both novice and expert photographers by introducing a selection of lenses that employ AI to improve color and overlay effects. Users may always experiment with different styles and creative possibilities thanks to the library's frequent additions.

  • In conclusion, by fusing the history of Photoshop with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technology, Adobe Photoshop Camera transforms mobile photography. For users of all skill levels, it streamlines the editing process and offers an extensive selection of filters, effects, and lenses to improve artistic expression.

5. NeuralCam


For iOS users, NeuralCam is a cutting-edge AI camera app with outstanding low-light photography capabilities. NeuralCam offers customers more than 100 filters and manual settings in addition to its sophisticated AI functions, which include scene, object, line, and face identification. This ensures a flexible and imaginative editing process. Among AI camera apps, this one stands out for its ability to automatically color grade, alter backdrops, and eliminate people.

Best Features:

  • NeuralCam is a low-light specialist that captures night skies and scenery with sophisticated stabilization.

  • The addition of RAW support improves image quality even more, giving consumers professional-grade images without requiring complicated settings. The app is a reasonable option for photography enthusiasts looking for cutting-edge AI technology because of its small one-time cost.

  • The capabilities of NeuralCam go beyond photography; with the release of NeuralCam Live, an iPhone can become an AI-powered webcam. 

  • With a Face Image Quality Meter, Pro-Looking Video Styles, Gesture Guard, Low Light Mode, Ring Light, and Head-Bubble Mode, this feature-rich plugin improves video chats. 

  • These exclusive artificial intelligence technologies improve video calls and streaming by giving live video streams a distinctive and polished look.

  • The app's constant updates, which include Night Mode for all iPhone cameras, enhanced HDR images during the day, 48 Megapixel AI Upscaled images, AI-Enhanced Macro Mode, and Auto-Color-Grade images, demonstrate its dedication to excellence. 

  • Because of its ease of use and simplicity, NeuralCam is a great option for both professional and amateur photographers looking to employ AI technology to achieve amazing outcomes.

  • NeuralCam Live is a live video streaming platform that employs artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to edit videos in a professional manner. 

  • It offers features such as Face Image Quality Meter, Pro-Looking Video Styles, Gesture Guard, Low Light Mode (which requires a subscription), Ring Light, and Head-Bubble Mode. 

  • With the removal of irritating motions, attractive video editing, and ideal lighting, these features improve the overall quality of the video conference experience.

  • With its cutting-edge AI technology, NeuralCam stands out as a top-tier AI camera app that is transforming mobile photography. 

  • Its sophisticated algorithms produce well-composed, sharp, and colorful photographs even in difficult lighting situations. NeuralCam continues to be a useful and potent tool for both photographers and video streamers, whether it's for taking breathtaking nighttime photos or turning an iPhone into an AI-powered webcam.


In conclusion, the development of AI camera apps has had a profound impact on the field of smartphone photography. These applications, which include NeuralCam, Spectre Camera, Blurize, Photoshop Camera, and Focos, demonstrate how cutting-edge AI technology may be combined with artistic photographic characteristics. These programs are designed for both professionals and enthusiasts, including features like long-exposure capability, advanced filters, depth mapping, and autofocus precision. Whether taking breath-taking portraits, experimenting with long-exposure photos, or refining images with AI-powered editing, these best AI camera apps showcase the union of cutting-edge capability and intuitive design, offering users a groundbreaking and approachable photography experience. To find out more such tools, visit

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