Synthesia: The Ultimate AI Video Generator

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What is Synthesia?

The innovative synthetic media tool Synthesia AI video generator was founded in 2017 by scientists and businesspeople from UCL, TUM, Stanford, Foundry, and Cambridge. Victor Riparbelli, Matthias Niessner, Lourdes Agapito, and Steffen Tjerrild launched Synthesia AI with the intention of using AI to improve human creativity and expedite the creation of content. It is a state-of-the-art AI platform that aims to transform video creation. It has emerged as a global leader in synthetic media, collaborating with well-known companies including the BBC, McDonald's, Reuters, Accenture, WPP, and Ernst & Young. 

Because it uses natural language processing and sophisticated algorithms to produce high-quality movies with little to no human input, it's a well-liked option for companies, marketers, and content producers looking for a productive and affordable video creation solution. It has emerged as a global leader in synthetic media, collaborating with well-known companies including the BBC, McDonald's, Reuters, Accenture, WPP, and Ernst & Young. It employs AI to create films from text prompts.

You can use to make expert videos instead of going on camera. Without a studio, actors, camera equipment, or audio gear, this cutting-edge application enables users to create captivating movies for a variety of uses, such as e-learning, customer onboarding, YouTube channels, websites, and marketing materials.'s wide range of capabilities let users create videos that look and feel as professional as they would from a fully staffed studio. Crucially, you can use AI avatars to command attention and project a clean, businesslike appearance. 

You can create voice overs in more than 120 languages after choosing an AI avatar, enabling flexible and international content development. More than 140 unique AI avatars in a variety of attire and styles are available on the site, along with more than 200 video themes. Essentially, Synthesia AI transforms the process of creating video content by using AI to create realistic, personalised avatars and translate text into speech that sounds human. This makes the process easier for individuals who lack design experience or don't have access to expensive equipment.Video content may be made more unique and interesting by adding customisations, such as custom voiceovers and avatars.

The web-based platform makes video editing and updates simple and has an intuitive interface that is ideal for beginners. With the use of AI avatars, users may produce content in more than 120 languages and accents that is both interesting and varied. Through its Academy, the platform also provides educational resources, and SAML SSO support guarantees safe platform access. Full HD video downloads are simple to use and can be integrated into more than 30 apps. Templates, a media library, a screen recorder, and extensive video editing features with background music and design components are all offered by There are closed captions available that you may click to download.

It makes it available to a broad audience and significantly cuts down on the time and expense involved in using conventional video production techniques. In conclusion, Synthesia AI is a cloud-based artificial intelligence video generator that makes the creation of professional video content easier by utilising AI technology and lifelike custom avatars. 

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Best Features of Synthesia

  1. Studio for Editing Videos

  • An easy-to-use studio where you can create engaging videos by fusing together different elements such as text, images, music, and avatars.

  • Video editing is made easier with the drag-and-drop interface, and the script box allows you to enter text for the AI avatar to display.

  1. Custom and AI-generated avatars

    Synthesia avatar generator
  • Being able to design unique avatars for yourself or your team members to provide a personalised touch (with their permission).

  • The ability to choose from more than 100 pre-installed AI avatars.

  1. Artificial Voices

    Synthesia AI voice
  • For brand consistency, you can choose to speak in your own voice when making personalised avatars.

  • You can choose from a wide range of voices in more than 120 languages and accents, so you won't need to hire outside voice actors.

  1. Media Library for Free

  • The ability to improve your videos with free media assets from websites like Shutterstock and Unsplash.

  1. Text to Video Translation

  • You may save time and work by simply turning written text into films that appear professional.

  • Videos can last for up to half an hour.

  1. Expert Video Templates

    Synthesia video templates
  • More than 55 expertly created video themes, including how-to tips, are available for all kinds of videos.

  • Adaptable templates that let you add text, images, logos, and background music to create a custom appearance.

  1. Multilingual Assistance

  • To reach a worldwide audience, make videos with closed captions available in several languages.

  • Automatically adjusting to the selected voice-over language, subtitles are perfect for global businesses.

  1. Downloads of MP4

  • Videos can be downloaded for free from the platform in Full HD (1920x1080) format.

  1. Pages for Sharing Videos

  • Every video has its own page specifically designed for sharing, making it simple to share with clients, coworkers, or to embed on websites.

  1. Videos with Multiple Slides

  • Make rich slide deck videos presentations or combine Synthesia films into one video.

  1. Features of Customisation

  • Select from a variety of languages, avatars, and audio settings to customise your films to meet particular requirements.

  • For even more customisation, audio clips can be created and incorporated, along with unique backgrounds that can be uploaded.

  1. Updates to Content

  • Make a copy of a video, edit the text, and rapidly create a new copy of the video.

  1. Shapes, Text, and Images

  • Immediately incorporate text, graphics, or shape elements into your films using the Synthesia platform.

With these capabilities, is an easy-to-use and flexible platform for making high-quality films for training, marketing, or other uses.

Synthesia Plans and Pricing:

Synthesia Plans and Pricing

Offering a wide range of purposes, is a cost-effective video production solution with flexible price options. There are two paid options available after the trial: Personal and Corporate. With the platform's free trial, users can produce a video with up to 200 words. 


Priced at $22 per month, the Starter Plan is a great option for people, particularly those just establishing a YouTube channel. Support for up to 120+ languages and voices, text-to-video functionality,120 minutes of video per year, 70+ AI Avatars, and more.


The Creator Plan, on the other hand, provides cutting-edge features and is priced at $67 per month. All the capabilities of the Starter plan are included, plus with additional features like API access, and access to premium services. 

In conclusion, the Starter plan is a reasonably priced option for anyone looking for quick movies or promotional content. But the Creator subscription is a better choice if you need larger video lengths, API access, and sophisticated capabilities. To meet the diverse demands of those involved in film creation, provides a range of functionality and price options.


Best for large companies. Users can contact for pricing.

Synthesia Pros & Cons

Pros of

Cons of

No prior experience with video editing is necessary.

Videos can only be 10 minutes long under the personal plan.

No additional camera gear is required.

Worries over the uniqueness of videos because of the frequent usage of the same avatars.

Making multilingual videos is simple.

The Personal Plan is devoid of custom avatars and API access, among other limited features.

Make sure your videos have a very professional appearance.

Certain users may find the personal plan's monthly cap of 10 video credits to be burdensome.

Create excellent content in several languages.

Does not support videos in 4K.

Regarding backgrounds and lighting, don't worry.

For certain firms, the cost of the custom avatar development service could be prohibitive.

Use text and fonts to personalise your videos.

Inadequate customisation for individual videos.

Realistic and captivating video experiences are offered by lifelike AI avatars.

Restricted scalability because every video must be manually created by consumers.

The process of creating videos is made simpler by user-friendly video editing software.

Monthly maximum for the number of videos that can be produced.

Summing Up

To sum up, is a unique AI video generator that is changing the video production industry by providing an affordable and easily accessible option. Synthesia, which was founded in 2017 by a group of professionals from prestigious universities, uses artificial intelligence (AI) to enable people to produce films of high quality without requiring complicated equipment or technical know-how.

The platform is a user-friendly option for creators worldwide because of its user-friendly design and capacity to produce videos in many languages. With features like customisable AI avatars, more than 55 professional video templates, and language support, Synthesia stands out as a flexible tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including internal communications and marketing. 

With Personal and Corporate plans, the pricing structure offers flexibility and scalability to meet different customer needs. Individual content creators can find the Personal Plan affordable, while businesses with higher production demands can benefit from the Corporate Plan's advanced capabilities, which include unique avatars and API access.

Notwithstanding its advantages, has a few drawbacks. Nevertheless, these disadvantages are outweighed by its benefits, which include outputs that seem professional, convenience of use, and multilingual assistance. emerges as a game-changing platform that makes video production accessible to a wide variety of users and helps them easily realise their ideas.

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