5 Best AI Tools for Business to Excel Growth in 2023

Ilma Last Updated: October 23, 2023 10 min read

How Can AI Tools for Business Strengthen Your Company?

The answer is clear-cut. AI’s contribution to taking companies to the top has shaken the world. There are various aspects of how AI tools for business help leverage and empower your company’s growth. Let us know about some of them:

Lessening the Burden by Proper Decision Making

AI tools can perform many tasks instantly, while humans take more time. Making appropriate business decisions for the betterment of our company is essential. AI tools for business have simplified this hectic process. These AI tools suggest excellent ideas and make correct choices regarding planning strategies and other development processes. 

AI tools make data-driven decision-making possible for businesses as they can detect and analyse huge amounts of data within seconds. This helps improve our business’s performance and overall growth in the competitive market. 

Effective Marketing and Increase in Sales 

AI tools for business have the potential and power to drive customers and increase the company’s revenue. They help in identifying and optimising the areas of the targeted audience and can provide higher conversion rates leading to a greater impact on your business among people. 

AI tools for business can be best at marketing and analysing the needs and requirements of customers from your business. The strategies they develop can elevate your sales forecasting and help in gaining profits. 

Better Customer Interaction

Businesses can provide tailored consumer experiences with the help of AI tools for business. These AI tools master analysing consumer patterns and know what the client wants. This helps to satisfy customers and gain their loyalty while increasing sales. 

Automation of Surplus Tasks

Fed up for doing the same thing over again? AI has got you! AI tools for business can provide you comfort by automating repetitive tasks you never want to do. This automation helps to boost productivity and allows employees to focus on more important work. 

AI tools for businesses can complete tasks in minutes and reduce the cost of operations. Overall, AI tools can effectively drive your business’s growth.

Provides a Competitive Edge

Using AI tools for business is a modern way to expand your business. Companies can get an advantage over competitors who continue to depend on conventional ways by implementing AI tools to scale business. 

These AI tools for business help you stand out in the market, create an extravagant presence of your brand, and create a benchmark in the related sector. 


What Factors Define the Best AI Tools for Business?

We must consider some characteristics while choosing among the best AI tools for business. These features will define whether the AI tool will fit your requirements. Let us figure out some crucial elements to be paid attention to while selecting the most appropriate AI tool for business. 

Learning and Assistance:

Go for the AI tools for business that assist you and provide features where you can easily know and learn how to use them. Determine if the AI tools offer tutorials, in-depth instructions, and helpful customer service. This way, you may get used to the AI tool easily and in less time.

The Ability to Scale

Make sure the AI tools for business are adaptable enough to meet your evolving demands and goals for the future. Confirm that it can scale with your expanding staff and manage growing data quantities. 

In Your Budget

Nobody wants to empty their pockets while choosing AI tools for business. These tools are not supposed to cost very much and should be reasonable to fit your budget. We must find a balance between the AI tools’ expense and its worth. They must provide a solid return on investment, staying within your predetermined constraints. 

Easy to Access

If you can use the AI tool easily, you can do wonders with it because you find it simple and do not have to struggle with its usability. AI tools for business must be straightforward to use, so instead of wasting a lot of time trying to figure out the tool’s complexity, you can swiftly utilise the AI tool’s potential.  


You must check the AI tool’s compatibility with your company’s current software and technology. It would help if you determined that the tool integrates with your project manager and other communication tools. 

Keeping these factors in mind while selecting among the top AI tools for business, you can find a superb tool which will help you seamlessly grow your business. 


The 5 Best AI Tools for Business

Time to disclose the best AI tools for business and allow you to take advantage of AI in scaling your business faster. 


1. Bricabrac

Developing mobile applications no more requires extensive coding knowledge. Therefore, you can choose Bricabrac rather than paying pricey programmers who will require a long time to create specific applications for your company. Bricabrac is a low-code or no-code AI tool that lets you turn your written inputs into completely operational online applications. It allows you to put into action your original app ideas. 


  • The strongest point of Bricabrac is that it creates working applications from scratch in just a couple of minutes with text.
  • Allows you to modify the AI tool using an easy drag-and-drop editor to meet your requirements.
  • A money-saving AI tool for selecting competent and skilled developers.
  • Easy to use and saves a lot of time.
  • Free web application hosting forever.
  • Allows you to export your applications in file types like HTML and CSS.


Tool Website: https://bricabrac.ai/ 

Costing: Free plan is not available. Provides a free 2-day trial, and the Power Plan starts from $68 per month.


2. Tome

Making a slide deck can be very time-consuming. Tome can create intriguing and captivating outline formats, presentations, and stories for your intended audience using only text input. Tome is among the best AI tools for business, with amazing qualities. 


  • Creates distinctive AI pictures for your presentation by integrating with DALLE 2.
  • You can use natural language prompts to create an entire presentation or add certain slide pages with content and graphics.
  • Provides tools for commenting and exchanging information.
  • Enables team collaborations.
  • You can transform uploaded content into a presentation with a single click.
  • Allows you to include live web pages from any website or third-party applications like Miro and Looker.


Tool Website: https://tome.app/ 

Costing: Free plan is available, and the Pro version costs $10 per month. You can contact us for enterprise pricing. 


3. SecondBrain

An AI tool called SecondBrain (formerly known as MagicChat.ai) enables you to build ChatGPT-like bots with specialised knowledge of your industry. It is among the most famous AI tools for business. You can use content from internet URLs or PDFs to train your bots. You can then integrate your freshly trained chatbot onto your website. 


  • Assist consumers in real time by responding to their inquiries regarding your company.
  • Data from more than 90 languages can be used to train the chatbot.
  • The number of bots you can build depends on your subscription plan.
  • Reacts to queries accurately.
  • It is simple to train your new chatbot.


Tool Website: https://www.secondbrain.fyi/ 

Costing: The basic plan is free, and the Premium starts from $19 monthly.


4. HitPaw

A pro-level AI image enhancement tool that helps to enlarge photographs without sacrificing quality. This AI tool clears up blurry pictures amazingly. 


  • AI models can be used to improve the appearance of photos in any situation.
  • The denoise model can eliminate noise from high-ISO and dim-lighting photographs using sophisticated AI noise reduction technology.
  • Improves the clarity of cartoon images.
  • Gives technologies to revive outdated photos.
  • The AI face enhancer creates an avatar model to make your face faultless.
  • Upscale photographs using simple methods.


Tool Website: https://www.hitpaw.com/ 

Costing: Free trial is available, and the Premium starts from $17.99 per month. 


5. Lumen5

Lumen5 is an AI-powered tool which can quickly produce brief and interesting videos from scratch. It can also convert written material into movies for advertising, entertainment, or educational reasons. If you are not an expert video editor and need help to afford a specialist, this AI tool can work best for you. 


  • Many editable video templates are available.
  • Even a novice can make a video in a short amount of time.
  • The resolution of the final video output is up to 1080p.
  • A straightforward and user-friendly drag-and-drop editing interface.
  • Ability to create captions for videos dynamically with the flexibility to change how they look.


Tool Website: https://lumen5.com/ 

Costing: offers a free plan; other plans start from $ 29 per month. 



In conclusion, AI tools for business can help you in many ways. They can provide strategic planning and well-structured content for your business. The best AI tools for business mentioned in this article can assist you in providing a competitive edge in the market. By choosing an AI tool for your business, you can drive your audience and make your company reach higher levels.


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