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What are AI Ad Generator Tools?

Artificial intelligence (AI)-powered software solutions known as "AI ad generator tools" create advertising content for marketing campaigns, such as banners, billboards, photos, videos, and social media ads. They give advertisers the advantages of time and resource savings while producing quality ad material. These solutions outperform conventional manual methods by using machine learning and natural language processing to develop ad creatives quickly and accurately. 

Effective advertising is a key component of business growth and is essential to running a successful operation. Businesses can increase the conversion rates of their marketing campaigns by using AI ad generator tools. Additionally, they make it easier to create interactive, user-friendly, and SEO-friendly content. Advertising is essential for attracting new clients, but the conventional strategy is time-consuming and expensive.

AI ad generators speed this process, enabling you to create advertising in a matter of minutes for a far lower price than hiring a specialist. These tools let users enter brand assets and keywords, and then they automatically produce polished, campaign-ready ads based on performance scores and metrics. This saves money and time by removing the need to pay a specialist to create ads.

Ad targeting is improved with precise data when AI is used in marketing, and marketing efforts are optimised for better outcomes. These generators produce exact, target-specific ads by combining data from several sources, including consumer behaviour, market trends, and social media. Imagine being able to design advertising campaigns that are tailored to your target market, using data-driven insights and cutting-edge algorithms to generate unique commercials that appeal to consumers. AI ad generator tools have this kind of power.

The ability of AI ad producers to quickly and accurately analyse big data sets is one of their main advantages. AI ad generator tools offer sophisticated creative modification choices that let you match your commercials with your brand's own voice and character. They are not just about automation and data analysis. AI ad generator tools assist in producing advertising that represent the personality and messaging of your brand, from choosing the ideal imagery to writing persuasive language.

Best 5 AI Ad Generator Tools

Now, let us go through the best AI ad generator tools so you can improve customer experiences, streamline the customer journey, and use AI-driven ads to attract high-quality leads and clients.

1. Pencil

AI ad generator Pencil


Pencil is a cutting-edge AI ad generator that combines the benefits of generative AI with human creativity to rapidly and effectively create appealing advertisements. Pencil is an AI platform appropriate for eCommerce websites and advertising firms. You may improve decision-making and ad performance by using the platform's data-driven insights and predictions. Its innovative use of AI and human input provides a strong solution for dynamic and compelling advertising campaigns. Even better, you may test out the platform for seven days without charge to see how it works. It's a game-changer for companies trying to improve their advertising ROI and speed ad creation.

Best Features of Pencil:

  • Pencil uses generative AI and human ingenuity to generate both static and video advertising, providing versatile ad generation. 

  • AI-generated ads can be adjusted in real-time to improve their performance using Pencil's real-time editor. 

  • Pencil automatically creates common ad sizes and formats while giving you the power to modify each format separately to meet your unique business requirements.

  • You can save a lot of money and time by having the ad copy, banners, and video edits created using your existing branding and assets.

  • By automatically detecting crucial moments in your existing films and user-generated content (UGC) assets, Ad Remixing, Pencil goes a step further. It may remix and chop these materials to produce original ad concepts, giving your campaigns a dynamic feel.

  • Pencil combines effortlessly with well-known applications like Shopify, Dropbox, and Adobe to streamline your work process and boost productivity.

  • To increase engagement and originality in your ads, you can use the library of free stock photos, music, and films that Pencil offers.

  • The site has a sizable library of AI advertisements that includes tens of thousands of ad creatives from top companies and agencies. You can get ideas for improving your own campaigns by looking at these examples.

  • Pencil gives you the ability to use AI creativity for tailored and successful advertising campaigns while optimising your marketing efforts, regardless of whether you're a marketer, creator, or innovator.

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Pencil AI Ad generator pricing

Pencil provides several price categories, including:

Self-Serve: Priced at $79 per month. With this plan, you can create advertisements, export up to 50 under a single brand, get free stock assets, and make use of extra features.

Hybrid: Priced at $179 per month. With this plan, you have the choice of creating commercials on your own or getting help from a creative strategist. Up to 100 adverts can be exported, plus more.

Full-Service: Priced at $599+ per month. This top-tier package gives you access to unlimited exports, a dedicated creative strategist, and a high degree of support and flexibility.

These prices provide a 40% reduction and are based on an annual billing cycle. 


AI ad generator ADYOUNEED


ADYOUNEED is an automated AI ad generator. Your advertising campaigns will be revolutionised with ADYOUNEED, which will improve their effectiveness and efficiency. With ADYOUNEED, say hello to effectiveness and profitability! You may reach a wider audience and diversify your online presence by seamlessly managing your campaigns across numerous channels. By impressing your clients with the automation and optimization provided by ADYOUNEED, you'll not only save time but also draw in new customers. For companies and marketing experts wishing to streamline their advertising efforts, ADYOUNEED is a game-changer.

Best Features of ADYOUNEED:

  • The time when creating ad copy and graphics took hours is long gone. The automated generation of effective ads by ADYOUNEED accelerates the process of reaching your target demographic. 

  • It not only saves you time, but also guarantees that your advertisements are always compelling and successful.

  • Testing many ad variants is essential for maximising effectiveness and performance. 

  • By automating the A/B testing procedure, ADYOUNEED enables you to identify the most effective ad components. You'll eventually notice better results if you keep your advertising optimised.

  • To make sure you're getting the most out of your advertising investment, allocate money for your ad copy in real-time. ADYOUNEED is an interactive dashboard that gives you real-time information on your advertising efforts. 

  • Track performance indicators in one location, including click-through rates, conversion rates, and ad spend. With this knowledge at your disposal, you can swiftly optimise underperforming advertising and make wise judgements.

  • Your ROI is maximised by ADYOUNEED's intelligent budget allocation to the best-performing ads and campaigns.

  • Get daily updates on AI that are customised to your particular campaigns. 

  • The AI algorithms used by ADYOUNEED continuously analyse data to improve user experiences and produce better outcomes. This proactive strategy guarantees that your advertising initiatives are consistently state-of-the-art.

  • You can effortlessly promote on a variety of platforms with ADYOUNEED, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, and more. 

  • You may contact customers using a variety of channels with ADYOUNEED without having to have extensive marketing knowledge.

  • Increase your audience and interact with prospective clients where they are online.

  • Let ADYOUNEED do the legwork in locating your target market. Your time and effort in audience research will be saved by its AI algorithms' analysis of user data to identify the most pertinent and receptive audience segments.

  • Increase the range of services you offer while building a solid reputation for outstanding advertising outcomes.

  • You can stay on top of the competitive digital advertising scene with its automation, optimisation, and real-time insights while giving your clients outstanding results. 




Starter: Priced at $14 per month.

Premium: Priced at $29 per month.

Ultimate: Priced at $74 per month.

Managed: Priced at $1499 per month.

3. Sellesta

AI ad generator Sellesta


An AI ad generator called Sellesta helps firms create customised ad campaigns by using data analysis to identify the best possible marketing tactics. The platform offers clients a thorough view of their campaign effectiveness by seamlessly integrating with numerous social media and advertising channels, such as Google Ads. With the aid of AI algorithms that examine various data sources, Sellesta specialises in designing custom advertising campaigns for businesses. It serves businesses of all sizes, providing data-driven campaigns that enhance engagement and revenue with features like secure login, QR code access, and thorough statistics. 

Best Features of Sellesta:

  • Sellesta creates tailored ad campaigns using data analysis to increase engagement and sales. 

  • It is the perfect option for organisations looking to increase brand visibility and profitability in a cutthroat industry because of its user-friendly interface, secure login, and extensive statistics.

  • Account security and convenience are guaranteed with a secure login and QR code access. 

  • The platform serves companies looking for audience-specific, data-driven marketing that boost engagement and revenue.

  • Sellesta creates campaigns using AI algorithms that are specifically catered to the requirements of each brand, increasing the likelihood of success.

  • Clients may quickly manage their campaigns thanks to a QR code, which streamlines mobile access.

  • By optimising cost per click (CPC) or cost per action (CPA), the platform creates extremely successful ad copy and keywords.

  • Clients receive timely assistance from reachable support teams.

  • Analytics and detailed reporting offer useful information for making wise decisions.

  • Businesses may simply access extensive analytics and modify campaign strategies based on information thanks to an accessible interface.

  • Cost-effectiveness is enhanced by the speedy creation of advertising campaigns and immediate revenue.

  • Campaign administration is simplified with multichannel integration with Google Ads and social media sites. A Google Ads campaign is optimised using the AI application Sellesta, which swiftly generates ad copy and keywords based on website content. 

  • Due to its rigorous training on a massive amount of data, the AI engine is extremely effective. 

  • It promises to drastically minimise the time and expense involved with ad optimisation and offers various pricing plans to accommodate various needs.

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Sellesta Pricing

Plans with variable pricing are suitable for companies of all sizes.

4. CreatorKit

AI ad generator CreatorKit


The ground-breaking AI ad generator CreatorKit was created to transform the way marketers create and optimise video ads. It offers a wide range of capabilities that are geared to satisfy the always changing needs of marketers. CreatorKit stands out as a top-notch option for marketers wishing to use AI for the creation and optimisation of videos.

Best Features of CreatorKit:

  • It provides an effortless approach to create high-performing videos, commercials, and AI-generated product pictures.

  • CreatorKit proposes a novel idea in which product images are created from text descriptions. Users can create stunning product images by just describing the background they want.

  • CreatorKit's straightforward interface makes it possible for even those without prior technical knowledge to use it with ease, speeding up the creative process.

  • Thanks to CreatorKit's seamless integration with Shopify, users can easily produce videos from the Shopify admin dashboard with just one click. For e-commerce companies, the procedure is simplified by this integration.

  • An advanced online video editor with strong AI capabilities is available on the platform. 

  • It provides a wide range of features to improve video quality, including backdrop removal, animated text styles, and automatic branded captions.

  • Users may easily animate their photos and graphics, giving static content a dynamic touch without the need for design expertise.

  • There is  no need to download and upload brand assets like logos or product images. The seamless integration makes for a hassle-free experience.

  • The platform utilises cutting-edge AI capabilities to give speedy results, allowing advertisers to optimise their ads in real-time.

  • Local Market Video Ads Creation: CreatorKit may provide product images that are tailored for local markets, ensuring that advertisements successfully reach local viewers.

  • Marketing professionals may easily create over 100 branded films with just one click by adding a store URL or product page thanks to a special function. 

  • CreatorKit provides a complete toolkit that allows marketers to make videos, tales, and commercials with an unmatched level of efficiency and convenience.

  • CreatorKit's ability to produce ad copy in a number of languages ensures a wide audience reach.

  • CreatorKit provides a cost-effective solution by combining many functionalities into a single platform. 

  • CreatorKit essentially equips marketers to take advantage of AI's promise for video ad creation and optimization by providing a complete set of tools and capabilities to effectively address their wide range of requirements.

Try CreatorKit 


CreatorKit pricing

A free AI ad generator called CreatorKit produces movies based on your URL. However, you must create a CreatorKit account in order to edit the video. They provide a free plan, but to access all the features, you'll need to upgrade to the Pro plan for $29 per month.


AI ad generator

Description: is a state-of-the-art AI-powered tool for producing advertising text that can improve your direct response marketing campaigns. Top marketing firms and partners have confidence in this dependable product because it provides a guided ad writing experience. puts customization at your fingertips. gives consumers the ability to create numerous iterations of great ad text at the calibre of a professional copywriter, in any language, thanks to its customised prompts and sophisticated AI settings.

Best Features of

  • Unlock AI's potential to improve your advertising strategies. Advanced AI models are employed by to consistently create high-quality, conversion-focused advertisements. 

  • Not just any AI tool, is a favourite among prominent direct response marketers who rely on it to produce flawless copy for a range of offers and businesses.

  • You may manage the level of innovation in your ad copy using its AI-powered creativity amplifier to make sure it properly matches the voice and objectives of your business.

  • You may quickly create advertising inside your browser window with the ease of a Chrome extension, optimising your ad management procedure.

  • To create advertisements that connect with your target audience and increase conversions, you can fine-tune factors like inventiveness, copy organisation, tonality, and more.

  • This product is focused on maximising sales and is optimised for direct response marketing. 

  • With, you can use AI's revolutionary potential in your advertising campaigns.

  • Additionally, it enables you to quickly rewrite commercials, whether you're copying from rivals or improving on previously effective ad material.

  • For companies, eCommerce brands, people, and agencies looking to increase clicks, sales, and traffic through their ad copy, this is the go-to solution.

  • is an affordable option that provides ad text of a professional calibre without additional costs. 

  • Additionally, it has a 30-day performance guarantee and a 5-day free trial.


Costing: pricing

Offers a free trial and AdCopy Pro costs $29 per month.


In conclusion, AI ad generator tools have become significant resources in the advertising industry in 2023. These cutting-edge tools, such as Pencil, ADYOUNEED, Sellesta, CreatorKit, and, make use of AI and data-driven insights to speed up the development of ads, improve targeting, and boost campaign effectiveness. They provide a variety of capabilities, such as creating ad copy and optimising ad campaigns, which helps businesses of all sizes save time and money. These AI ad generation tools are crucial for remaining competitive and effective in the always changing world of digital marketing since they can produce personalised and appealing adverts. To find out more about AI tools, visit You may also check out the best AI marketing tools and the best AI social media post generator tools on our blog.

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