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What is Writesonic?


With the help of artificial intelligence (AI), Writesonic is a content writing tool that helps users produce excellent material for a variety of platforms, including emails, product descriptions, landing pages, Facebook advertisements, and more. Powered by OpenAI's GPT-3, this AI content creation tool was launched in late 2020 with the goal of helping independent contractors and business owners quickly produce high-converting marketing material. Writesonic provides writers, marketers, and teams with simple access to AI-generated content ideas through an intuitive dashboard that offers over 40 content alternatives. It produces content that is both plagiarism-free and SEO-optimized fast.

With more than 5 million users, it's a well-liked option for content producers. Writesonic offers a multitude of robust tools and features in addition to its content creation capabilities. Designed with writers and marketers in mind, it provides a smooth and easy way to create content. These include more than 100 AI tools and templates, an integrated document editor, an image generator, a chatbot for real-time search data, a Chrome Extension, and more. 

Samanyou Garg founded Writesonic in 2020. The AI copywriting tool is getting great feedback on LinkedIn and is always changing. With Writesonic, users can produce material ten times faster while meeting a variety of content requirements in twenty-four languages. Depending on the plan you select, its user-friendly design lets you create both detailed and succinct material. Writesonic now provides tools for creating material and images that are specific to the needs and voice of a brand.

In conclusion, Writesonic is a flexible AI writing tool that has become more well-known for its user-friendliness and efficiency in producing excellent material for a variety of uses. It attempts to improve the effectiveness and accessibility of content generation for authors and marketers, so you should absolutely consider it if you're in the market! 

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Best Features of Writesonic

As of right now, Writesonic is among the best-rated AI writing tools out there. However, how well does it actually work? Let’s know the great features it offers to find out more!

  • Content Creation Templates

Writesonic provides an extensive collection of templates for a range of content requirements, including blogs, advertisements, product descriptions, and social media posts in addition to articles. By entering topic fields, users can receive customized, plagiarism-free text and obtain short-form versions for free.

  • Content Suggestions and Writing-Related Resources

Beyond just creating content, Writesonic also provides ideas for YouTube videos, advice on growing a business, and content recommendations. It offers a Swiss Army knife for a variety of writing-related jobs and the expansion of contemporary web businesses.

  • Content Optimization and Paraphrase

Writesonic offers features for content optimization, summary, and paraphrase. Existing copy can be expanded, rewritten, or condensed by users, making it adaptable to a variety of content development requirements.

  • Chatsonic: AI for Conversations

GPT-4-powered Chatsonic facilitates user-to-user dialogue by offering in-depth responses to frequently asked questions. In order to improve user experience, it also interacts with Photosonic for AI-generated graphics and enables users to speak commands straight into the interface.

  • AI Article Writer and Sonic Editor

Using predetermined themes, URLs, and keywords, Writesonic's AI Article Writer creates lengthy content. AI-generated material is polished and refined by the Sonic Editor, which also provides tools for expanding, shortening, and paraphrasing information to make it more distinctive.

  • Customization of Brand Voice

Users can submit examples of brand voice content to customize AI-generated outputs to certain brand tones. This function ensures that content is legitimate and consistent across different platforms.

  • Integrating SEO with Surfer SEO

Writesonic enhances content for search engines by integrating with Surfer SEO. In addition to competition content research, on-page SEO analysis, and the creation of meta tags and descriptions for improved SEO, it provides real-time keyword data.

  • Chatsonic Chrome Extension

The Chatsonic Chrome Extension lets users generate content while they surf by effortlessly providing content recommendations within Google Chrome tabs.

  • AI Image Generator

Photosonic: This tool eliminates the requirement for external image sources by using language descriptions to create AI art and images. It offers a comprehensive one-stop shop for producing graphics that enhance textual content.

  • Botsonic - AI Conversational Chatbot Builder

By teaching AI models with particular data, improving customer interactions, and offering tailored recommendations, Botsonic enables users to construct personalized chatbots. It works well with Writesonic and provides stats.

  • One-Click Publishing

Writesonic offers a one-click publishing function that simplifies the publication process and supports a number of CMS platforms, including Medium and WordPress. By removing the need for a manual copy-paste phase, this saves time.

  • Tools for Optimization and the Creation of SEO Keywords

Writesonic's keyword generator, rewrite with keywords functionality, and keyword extraction from pre-existing material all help with SEO. Additionally, it creates descriptions and meta tags to improve the visibility of material in search engine results.

  • Brand Identification Adherence

To make sure content consistently reflects the brand's voice, tone, and style, users can input site URLs, brand descriptors, and identification papers using the Brand Voice function.

  • Add-ons and Conversions

With the ChatSonic Chrome extension, content creation can be done right in the browser, which boosts productivity on sites like Gmail. In order to facilitate the creation and distribution of content, Writesonic also interacts with Zapier, linking to websites such as Airtable, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Buffer, and Google Drive.

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Products Offered by Writesonic

  1. Chatsonic

The greatest ChatGPT substitute for producing content. It functions similarly to ChatGPT with Google Search Integration, PDF Chat, AI Image Generation, and other features.

  1. Botsonic

Personalized ChatGPT AI chatbots utilizing your own data for training. With Botsonic's no-code chatbot construction platform, you can quickly create and connect AI chatbots into your website, Whatsapp, Slack, and other platforms. These chatbots can range from AI support agents to customized GPTs and upgraded AI assistants.

  1. Audiosonic

Audiosonic is an AI voice generator. You can use Audiosonic to animate your content. With Text-to-Speech and Voice AI capabilities from Audiosonic, you can turn your content into realistic audio that is ideal for marketing, sales, education, podcasts, and other purposes.

  1. Photosonic

An AI art generator to project your ideas onto a screen. You can make something that hasn't been seen previously. Use the AI art generator, Photosonic from Writesonic as a paintbrush. 

  1. GPT Builder

Construct a custom GPT Bot with Botsonic GPT Builder. In less than five minutes, you can use Botsonic GPT Builder to train on your own data, customize it, and embed it on your website or into Slack, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Messenger.

Pros & Cons of Writesonic

Pros of Writesonic:

Cons of Writesonic:

Specialized Content Generation: 

Writesonic's tools are made with content creators in mind, customizing prompts to meet their requirements.

Inconsistencies and flaws: 

Several inconsistencies and bugs, including problems with the creation of imagery and unanticipated errors in answers, were reported.

Vast Tool Library: 

One of the biggest libraries of AI tools is available from Writesonic, and it can be used for a wide range of content kinds, including scripts for videos and essays.

Pricing Structure: 

Higher word limitations or user seats come at a faster pace, even if the lowest tier is still reasonably priced.

Source Transparency: 

To improve transparency and give users the ability to confirm the accuracy of the content, Chatsonic provides sources for further information.

Information Quality: 

Links to low-quality spam web pages may be found in some comments, and other responses may contain inaccurate information.

User-Friendly Interface: 

Chatsonic and Writesonic applications feature intuitive interfaces that make navigation and usage simple.

Absence of Human Review: 

Unlike some of its rivals, Writesonic does not provide human review and revision in its service offerings.

Multilingual Support: 

To cater to a wide range of users, Writesonic and Chatsonic offer up to 24 languages of support.

GPT-4.0 Limitation: 

Only GPT-3.5 for Premium quality is supported by the Unlimited plan; GPT-4.0, which does not allow for unlimited words, requires a Business plan.

Generous Free Trial: 

To help consumers determine their suitability, Chatsonic and Writesonic both provide a free trial with a word limit that is higher than that of competitors.

Value for Money: 

With a substantial free plan, Writesonic provides more functionality than its rivals at a far lower price.

High-quality Output: 

Writesonic produces premium quality work that is on par with professional writing, and the Superior quality setting enhances it even further.

Broad Variety of Content: 

Writesonic's content creation tools are suitable for a number of purposes, ranging from marketing tools to articles, and they come with editable prompts for individualized results.

How Much Does Writesonic Cost?

Writesonic Pricing

Overview of Writesonic Pricing Plans

Writesonic provides a variety of pricing options to meet the demands of various user demographics, including individuals and businesses. Let's know what each plan offers! 

  1. Free Plan

It is free of charge and offers ten credits every month. For individuals who are interested in Writesonic, the Free Plan is a terrific place to start. Users are restricted to one user seat, however they can explore all current capabilities and generate content in 25 languages. Offers 10,00 words per month and works only on GPT 3.5 Model.

  1. Small Team

This plan offered by Writsonic is best for small businesses. Priced at $13 per month when billed yearly and $19 per month when billed annually. For a more extensive use, the Small Team Plan provides a large number of words, 5 brand voices, API access, priority support, higher quality image generation, bulk processing, and much more. It serves users with more demanding needs for content creation.

  1. Freelancer

Priced at $16 per month when billed yearly and $20 per month when billed annually. This plan is best-suited for freelancers/individual content creators. With unlimited words in 30 languages and some more exciting benefits, this plan is a great choice! It offers Chatsonic, AI article writer, browser extensions, Zapier extensions, Photosonic, Sonic Editor, and much more.

  1. Enterprise

Priced at $500+ per month, this plan is designed for medium-large businesses. Users can get custom AI model development, custom packages, SSO/SAML login, priority AI processing, premium support, training sessions, customer success manager, and a lot more with this plan.

In conclusion, Writesonic serves a broad spectrum of consumers, guaranteeing flexibility and scalability in order to satisfy their needs for content creation.

Writesonic Alternatives

  1. Rytr

With a variety of AI-powered features for improved content creation, Rytr stands out as a formidable rival to Writesonic. One noteworthy feature of Rytr is its extensive language support, which includes more than 30 languages. Similar to Writesonic, Rytr is compatible with a wide variety of content types. 


CopyAI sets itself apart with a large feature library and a wide range of content generation choices. With more than 70 tools for a complete content creation experience, COPYAI is a powerful AI content creation tool. Because users may use its extensive library or start from scratch, it's a great choice for creating landing pages and blog entries.

  1. Meet WordHero

Using the state-of-the-art GPT-3 language prediction model, WordHero is an AI copywriter. With over 65 use cases, fast processing rates, support for more than 100 languages, limitless content creation, and dependably excellent output, this AI tool is a hit.

Summing Up

In summary, Writesonic proves to be a reliable and easy-to-use AI writing tool with a wealth of functionality to meet a variety of content generating requirements. Writesonic's content creation templates, writing-related resources and suggestions, content optimization and paraphrasing tools, and an all-inclusive AI article writer integrated with the Sonic Editor are some of its most notable features. Founded by Samanyou Garg in 2020, Writesonic is a go-to tool for writers, marketers, and teams because it uses OpenAI's GPT-3 to give users powerful AI skills for producing high-quality content.

The AI copywriting tool’s ability to adapt AI-generated outputs to distinct brand voices, guaranteeing consistency across many platforms, demonstrates its dedication to personalization.  The incorporation of Chatsonic, an AI conversational powered by GPT-4, amplifies user interaction and promotes communication. Writesonic also does more than just generate text; it incorporates SEO capabilities via Surfer SEO, allows for one-click posting, and has an AI image generator called Photosonic. 

Writesonic has several advantages, such as an intuitive user interface, linguistic support, and a plethora of free trial alternatives. Well, larger word limits and more user seats are being added more quickly.

In terms of pricing, Writesonic provides a variety of plans that are tailored to different user demographics. These plans range from the individual-focused Free Plan to the business-focused Enterprise Plan, which guarantees flexibility and scalability. Overall, Writesonic's efficacy, in conjunction with its ongoing enhancements and modifications, establishes it as an invaluable assistant for individuals pursuing productivity and superiority in their content production. To find out more about AI tools, visit Futuritech.io

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