Best AI Recruiting Tools in 2024

Organizations are using AI recruiting tools more and more to find top candidates quickly and streamline their recruiting procedures in the dynamic talent acquisition landscape. Hiring managers and HR professionals will profit greatly from the incorporation of AI recruiting tools, which have the potential to completely transform current hiring practices. AI not only speeds up the hiring process but also strengthens decision-making and increases the candidate experience by automating repetitive procedures like sourcing, screening, and onboarding.

Almost two thirds of respondents attest to AI's major improvements in productivity and efficiency for HR operations. This broad use of AI in recruiting highlights how revolutionary technology can be, enabling teams to work more strategically and concentrate on developing deep connections with talent. Choosing the best platform can be difficult with so many AI recruiting tools available on the market. But astute businesses understand how crucial it is to locate an AI platform that meets their unique requirements. It is essential to comprehend important characteristics and functionalities that support company goals in order to efficiently navigate this landscape.

We explore AI recruiting software in this article, revealing the best 5 AI Recruiting tools that will transform talent acquisition in 2024. Each platform has its own capabilities that are intended to improve hiring results and streamline recruitment operations, ranging from AI sourcing and screening tools to AI interviewing and onboarding solutions. By the end of this blog, you will be prepared to choose AI recruiting tools that are specifically suited to the hiring procedures and goals of their own business. So, get ready to find out what we have for you!

What is an AI Recruiting tool ?

At the forefront of contemporary talent acquisition, an AI recruiting tool offers a game-changing solution. By automating certain parts of the hiring process, these cutting-edge systems, which leverage the power of artificial intelligence, transform conventional hiring procedures. AI recruiting solutions enable HR managers and hiring managers to find, evaluate, and connect with applicants more quickly and effectively by utilizing cutting-edge machine learning algorithms and data analytics.

Fundamentally, an AI recruiting tool is a complete solution for making every hiring process as efficient as possible. These solutions offer a wide range of features designed to satisfy the changing needs of modern enterprises, from finding possible candidates to optimizing interview processes and providing seamless onboarding experiences. AI recruiting technologies help recruiters make well-informed hiring decisions based on data-driven insights by automating tedious processes and utilizing predictive analytics. This allows recruiters to concentrate on building meaningful relationships with talent.

Furthermore, a paradigm shift toward a more strategic and agile approach to talent acquisition is shown by the widespread use of AI in recruiting. The use of AI-powered solutions is becoming more widespread among organizations in a variety of industries, and as a result, the function of these cutting-edge tools is changing and has the potential to significantly impact recruitment in the future by improving candidate experiences, increasing efficiencies, and ultimately helping businesses attract and hire top talent in a cutthroat market.

Benefits of Using AI Tools for Recruiting

Automated Workflow Management:

Increased Prospective Reach:

Customized Experience for Candidates:

Shorter Time to Hire:

Economical Hiring:

Reducing Bias:

Better Information Insights:

Best 5 AI Recruiting tools

  1. Fetcher

Fetcher AI Recruiting Tool


With its unique product name, Fetcher stands out and may become well-known for its ability to attract job candidates. With the use of AI keyword matching, this candidate sourcing and scheduling platform serves small enterprises with English-only requirements. Fetcher automates email outreach efforts, schedules phone screens and interviews, and learns an organization's preferences for candidates over time.

Best Features:

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Pricing:  Offers three plans

Free: Limited to 50 profiles per month

Growth: $149 per user per month

Amplify: $549 per user per month

  1. Manatal


An array of capabilities of Manatal, an AI recruitment software, are intended to improve and expedite the hiring process. One of its AI features is candidate scoring, which compiles a list of the most competent applicants by scanning job descriptions, matching candidate profiles with essential competencies, and ranking candidates. Additionally, the platform provides a job description generator that customizes descriptions according to different job requirements. 

Best Features:

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Pricing: Offers four plans

Professional Plan: Priced at $15/per user per month

Enterprise Plan: Priced at $35/per user per month

Enterprise Plus Plan: $55/per user per month

Custom Plan: On Demand

  1. TurboHire


With its complete approach to addressing a range of recruitment difficulties, TurboHire is an innovative AI recruitment management system that leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to identify talent. In addition to creating a centralized repository for resumes and job data, it functions as an application tracking system (ATS) and enables automation across a number of modules, including engagement, talent screening, offer & onboarding, applicant tracking, candidate sourcing, and interview automation.

Best Features:

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Pricing: Offers a free trial and paid plans begin from $40 per month.

  1. Humanly


Founded in 2019 by Andrew Gardner, is a well-known AI recruiting tool that is completely changing how companies hire new employees. Prominent investors such as Zeal Capital Partners and Basecamp Fund acknowledge the platform's emphasis on enhancing the candidate experience and promoting diversity.'s conversational AI bot, used by Microsoft, Amazon, Airbnb, and Ascension Healthcare, is the main component of the platform. 

Best Features:

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Pricing: Contact sales for pricing.

  1. Findem


Findem is a cutting-edge AI recruiting tool for talent acquisition that triples the size of your talent pipeline, improves candidate quality and diversity, and multiplies it fivefold. In addition to talent sourcing, diversity recruiting, candidate rediscovery, talent CRM, recruiting outreach, and recruitment analytics, the platform provides a full range of solutions. Hiring is revolutionized by Findem's unrivaled people search and rich data analytics, which guarantee rapid hires.

Best Features:

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In conclusion, the top 5 AI recruiting tools of 2024 provide creative solutions that demonstrate the unquestionable revolutionary power of AI in recruiting. By streamlining procedures, improving the applicant experience, and offering data-driven insights for well-informed decision-making, these platforms transform the talent acquisition landscape. Every technology in the recruiting space serves a particular purpose, whether it's Findem's talent data cloud, Manatal's applicant scoring, TurboHire's experience-driven methodology, Humanly's conversational AI, or Fetcher's tailored outreach. Organizations must adopt AI recruiting tools strategically in order to attract top talent and maintain competitiveness in the ever-evolving labor market. To find out more about AI tools, visit Before you leave, don’t forget to check out the Best AI Keyword Research Tools. You may also like the Best AI Ethical Hacking Tools in 2024 on our blog.